Jun 17, 2011

Sensible Management of Home and Car Air Conditioning: Importance of Educating the Elderly

Your air conditioner in your home, and your car, work on the same principles. Air conditioning will ultimately cost us money. However, the health benefits can be enormous. It extremely hot weather, elderly people, in particular, come under a lot of stress. The importance of air conditioning cannot be stressed enough. In this article, we look at air conditioning in the two main areas of our lives, and why we must incorporate these costs into our lives.

How Air Conditioning Works. Air conditioning works by transferring heat from the air that is sucked into the air conditioning unit out of that air. A simple refrigeration cycle is used in cars and homes, while evaporation technology is also commonly used in buildings. Refrigeration cycles use compressed coolants to transfer heat away from the air, cooling it in the process. Evaporative air conditioners use water to absorb that heat, and therefore, cool the air entering any given space.

Managing Cost. Modern air conditioning systems all have an optimum operating temperature. This temperature is normally around 23-25 degrees. The power consumption of any air conditioning system will be greatly reduced if used to cool to this temperature.

Cost Management Equals Health Management. By over cooling any space we are in, we are subjecting our bodies to extremes in temperature. Just because it is hot outside, there is no real reason to cool our cars and homes to ridiculously cold temperatures. When our bodies become accustomed to low temperatures in either our car or our home, we will find the heat outside, hotter than it really is. This is because we are subjecting our bodies to extremes of temperature. If you have to wear a jumper in your home, car or office, to accommodate the cold air conditioning, you are wasting a lot of energy and risking your health. This is the reason why many elderly people have been turned off by the idea of air conditioning, for health and cost reasons. They then risk living day to day in high temperatures because they feel uncomfortable with the temperature and the cost.

Total Cost. The total cost of not having air conditioning in their home and car can be very high. Premature death and other illnesses, such as heat stroke, can be extremely high. The elderly should be advised on the need for a modern car with modern and effective air conditioning. More modern cars will be cost effective in many other ways. Car insurance and other running costs, are much lower in modern smaller and more economical vehicles. In terms of health, this is extremely important. Home air conditioning can be very cost effective in Winter, as well. Actually, it is one of the cheapest ways to heat our home.

If you, like many of us, have elderly friends and family members, ensure they are using air conditioning in the correct way, and it is regularly maintained. Both cars and home air conditioning require correct and regular maintenance for them to be cost effective. Extremes of temperature put the health of our most important members of society at risk.
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