Jun 6, 2011

ATV Ride

Last Sunday, we hosted a family gathering at a restaurant inside a fishing place. After the event was over and guests were going home; we tried to have an ATV ride.

My hubby rode it first to learn driving it. Later, both of us were wandering around the place by ATV. It’s fun!
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Luna Miranda said...

i'd love to try it, too. been seeing ATV's in beach resorts but haven't tried them yet.:p

eNeS said...

Gagah juga suami mbak pake ATV ride. Salam ya buat beliau

Kim, USA said...

Indeed that is really fun!

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Chubskulit Rose said...

Ahh nice bonding!

My Mellow Yellow, please come and see.

Dhemz said...

how fun! would love to try it someday....:)

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