Jun 30, 2011


Credenza is a thing that serves as storage of goods. But not all stuffs can be stored here. Only certain items that have a not too big size as well as books, CDs, tapes, DVD player, etc.

Above the credenza can be put things, both decorative and aren’t ones, like television, radio, tape, and others.

Credenza usually shaped like a rectangular table that has several drawers for storage, so it looks massive and covered. Credenza standard size is 75-90 cm for height and 60 cm in width. While the length can adjust the space provided.The term console began to emerge when a lot of wrought iron furniture that is named by the sellers with wrought iron console. But this term later became confused with the credenza.

The main difference between the credenza and the console is based on its function. Credenza, as has been mentioned above, serves as a repository. While the console only serves as a place to display, so the shape becomes more open and less massive when compared to the credenza.

From the placement, the difference between console and credenza is clearly visible. As it acts as a storage place, the credenza is usually placed in private places, such as living room, bedroom, or den. TV cabinet is also a credenza, because it serves as a repository.

Console functions more as a place to display objects, so it is usually placed in the space that needs decoration, such as living room, foyer, lobby, etc. Objects that placed on the console are also usually more ornate or used as space filler, such as statues, flowers, picture frames and candles.

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