Jun 10, 2011

Installing a New Shower Rose

Is the shower rose in your bathroom old fashioned? Is it too low? Does it leak or use too much water? What about the shower taps-have they almost achieved antique status?

A quick way for you to take years off your bathroom is to replace these ancient fittings with new, good looking modern ones. They can, in most cases, simply be screwed onto the existing wall outlets.

Shower roses come in a variety of shapes and finishes. Many have specific uses. For example, by varying the number of holes in the shower rose and their diameter, some shower roses cut down water consumption. This is useful if water and heating bills are excessive or if water pressure is low.

The bubble-stream shower rose is a clever little innovation worth considering; it mixes air with the water to give the illusion of a fast-running shower.

Other roses are pulsating and according to the manufacturers, they are therapeutic as well stimulating! These types meter the water out in spurts of varying intensity and volume, and can also be adjusted to give a normal spray.

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