Jun 15, 2011

Home Decoration Ideas

If you are crafty enough, you surely love Do-It-Yourself projects. Here are some inspirations for you :

Layered Planters
It’s lovely, right? This creative planter is made by Lucy Ancheta-Atkins.

Pallet Headboard

Do you like this kind of headboard? If you still have some left pallets, you can make this. Recreate the natural dark look by painting them with drift-wood stain or using a wire brush.

Herringbone Drawer Shelves

Julie Petrella gives you the idea. Do you have old drawers? If you don’t, it’s easy to discover it at yard sales or on the side of the road left out for trash. Cut it down before painting if it’s too deep for your wall.

Bedside Table

If you need a tall enough bedside table, you can imitate this unique table which created by Katie Steuernagle. Well, you can put your lamp, candles, glasses, and books on it!

Snowlake Curtain
If you love making paper snowflakes, create it become into a lovely curtain.

Polaroid Magnets
Jennifer Kirk offers this idea. I guess lots of you like putting on photos on the fridge. To protect the photos and display them beautifully; you can use Polaroid magnets. Not only to expose your pics, you can also apply the magnets to tack up other things like your kids schedules, paintings and letters.

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MinnieRunner said...

Unfortunately Lina, I am not crafty enough. But I do love those magnets!

Cheap Furniture Stores in Los Angeles said...

Nice blog. Thanks for sharing the info. Great insights.

New Home Owner said...

I love the ideas you shared. These are nice, inexpensive ways to make certain areas in the home just a little more special!

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