Jun 1, 2011

Home Security Basics

Security is an issue for most homes and the fact is that the simplest approach is often the best. Sophisticated alarm systems do provide a lot of features, but the bottom line is always going to be preventing access to your home. A good security door is as important as any other feature in achieving a reliable level of security.

Homeowners, understandably, often feel a bit baffled by the security issues and are sometimes mystified by the security technology now on the market. The other issue is cost, and for big homes, that can be significant. However, it’s not a lost cause for homeowners.

Good security pays for itself, providing peace of mind and it’s actually pretty simple to understand when you know how this technology works. In many cases in relation to home security, simpler is better. Modern security doors are designed to take major impacts, cutting and any attempt to break them down. An intruder won’t get in, simply because they can’t. Security experts will tell you that’s the most effective deterrent of all.

Home security issues

The major security issue with any home is access. What points can be used to get into the home easily? The usual culprits are old windows without security screens or old doors which can’t provide much resistance to a break in, because they’re not designed to do that.

The best approach to access issues is to make a list of the weak points and upgrade them. If you have a local security firm, it’s worth your while to get a professional inspection done. Security screen doors and window suppliers can also give you some useful tips.

Integrating your security

It’s actually very easy to integrate door and window security with an alarm system. Most of these alarms work on the magnetic lock principle, meaning that if a window or door is opened, the circuit is broken, triggering an alarm.

Security doors are easy to fit with alarms, and have the added advantage of acting together as double security layers.

The same situation applies to windows. Unless using security screens, windows are no real barrier to access from outside. Best practice is to use the same sort of double security as on the doors, and it’s equally straightforward, using similar principles.

Shopping for security doors and other features

The best option for consumers is to do some research online and learn about the security products available:

Security screen doors and windows: Check out the top of the range first. This will show you the best products available, and you’ll also have a figure for your budget. You’ll be able to compare quality and deals and make an informed decision.

Security alarms: Service and value for money are the big issues in security alarms. Top of the range is a monitored alarm system, meaning monitored 24/7 with direct access to police and emergency services. Compare rates, services provided and any options the security firms provide.

Home security is actually pretty straightforward. All you need to do is make sure you get the products and services that make you feel most secure.
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