Jul 27, 2010

Build Open Shelving for Your Kitchen

A unit of open shelves can look attractive in a kitchen and provides a fantastic amount of storage space. The only obvious drawback is that, being open, it tends to attract dust and other air-carried pollution often found in kitchen.

This unit has a narrow bottom shelf so that use of the bench and sink is not restricted in any way. This small shelf is great for cups and similar items. The curved shaping which bridges the gap between the first narrow and second wider shelf is achieved by means of a sabre saw.
The best way to build these open shelves is to make them up as a complete unit on the kitchen floor. When lifting the unit to mark the fastening positions, you’ll need to commander a couple of friends into giving you assistance. If they’re unavailable, you must build a temporary support off the top of the lower cupboards.

This cleverly designed set of open shelves makes full use of a blank wall behind the kitchen sink. The shelf positions have been carefully considered in order to cater for items of different size.

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