Jan 29, 2014

Plumbing That You Shouldn't Do On Your Own

There is that enchanting feeling of pride and joy when you do something with your ten fingers and the clever use of your brain and appropriate tools. There is the whole community of DIY aficionados who really enjoy working on their projects. However, it is important to know when to ask for help, especially with plumbing. Here are four reasons when it is necessary to call a professional, regardless of how well you work with tools:

Issues with Hot Water
This is one thing around your house that you don’t want to touch yourself and call professionals if you notice: lack of hot water, unstable temperature of hot water, smell of gas, yellow streaks of water below your hot water tank and the like. Water heaters burn natural gas to heat water. The gas is, of course, under pressure. Whatever is wrong with your water heater, there is one thing you should know: fire, natural gas and an unexperienced repairman are elements of disaster. You can get scalded by hot water, you can get gas poisoning and, in extreme cases, you can even cause an explosion.

Serious Toiled Clogging
Surely, you may unclog your toiled and your sinks when the clogging is just superficial and minor. You probably have all the necessary tools and the chemicals that are bought for that purpose. However, there are some serious clogging issues that you should not attempt to solve yourself. Blocked drains can be much more serious than you think. They can cause a real flood, and your plumber can fix that faster and better than you.

Issues with the Main Line
If you stop the main valve in your home and your water meter is still running, you definitely have a problem with your main line. Other symptoms are leaking marks on your main board, wet areas in your yard, water coming back from the drains, and the like. Plumbers will not only know the fastest and the most efficient ways to repair this, but they will also have the necessary tools that are essential in fixing the problem you are having. This is considered a top priority emergency, so call your plumber right away.

Fixes that Require Permits
If you want to install a new tub or a shower, in case that you know how to do it, you will be good on your own. Actually, work on water and sewer extensions are mostly done without permits. However, if you want to make changes on the main line, you will need permits and the help of a professional plumber. Regulations about permits are different everywhere, so make sure you check them before doing any work.

There is a vast majority of those people who like to fix things around the house and who are reluctant to call a professional to deal with their problem. Some just like to do it on their own, while others consider it a waste of money. However, there are some situations, where you really have to admit that you need a professional to deal with the problem. This is important when it comes to plumbing issues, because small problems can easily turn into real disasters if you don’t call the plumber.

About the Author: Kate Wallace loves to do boys' work and play around the house with tools. She also enjoys sharing the experience of her DIY adventures with others. Luckily, her other passion is writing, so she sees blogosphere as a great place to mix up her DIY love with her writing.

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