Jan 30, 2014

Buy Glass Mosaic Tiles Online and Upcycle Old Home Décor

Interested in making better use of your weekends instead of wasting them eating in front of the TV and stuffing your face with junk food? Good for you…it’s a brand new year and everybody really should find something more enjoyable and productive to do other than being a complete couch potato.  Cleaning your house is productive but it’s not always particularly enjoyable even if you have your favourite dance music in the background, gardening perhaps? Too hot outside? Scrap that then. How about upcycling your old home décor to liven up the look of your home?  Sounds good? Cool.

You don’t really need a lot of materials, and most of the items that this project would require are affordable and can be purchased at your local craft store, or online if you really don’t feel like going out or you’re avoiding purchasing other items that you don’t really need for the crafting you want to do.  If you’re thinking of using colourful mosaic tiles for your crafting weekend, you can buy glass mosaic tiles online, as well as other supplies such as cutters, adhesives, grout, et cetera.

Crafting with tiles is really simple, even kids can do it — as long as you understand and can apply the basic principles of gluing, getting creative with mosaic tiles in overhauling the appearance of your old home décor will not be a problem.  As for creating patterns with the glass mosaic tiles, you can take inspiration from Pinterest or you can also just figure it out as you go; there are no clear rules, just have fun as you try to come up with something that meets your aesthetic sensibilities.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas you can try.
1.      Mosaic tabletop – This is the perfect project for tables that have been so badly scratched or have blemishes that can no longer be remedied.  Choose the glass mosaic tiles to use, lay them on the surface, and determine the pattern to go with then glue each one securely.  If you want a completely smooth surface and you want to add more weight to the table, use grout instead of the usual quick-dry adhesives.

2.      Frame frameless mirrors – If you want to glam up your mirrors by adding a shiny frame, the best tiles to use are silver foil glass tiles, which come in a variety of colours.  For an old world-inspired look, go with the yellow gold silverfoil ones, and if you want to achieve a mod style, just line up mixed colours around the edges and let a few pieces stray from the line.

3.      Embellish trays, glass hurricanes, and picture frames – You can choose any colour or style or shape of tiles you want and just lay them out whichever way pleases you, and you can be sure that these old items will not only look more stylish but will take on new functions as well.

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