Jan 22, 2014

Top Quality Pool Supplies and Equipment Make Maintenance and Security Easy For Pool Owners

It’s the summer once again and it’s hot as blazes. Many will be heading to the beach and those that are not within close proximity to a large body of water will likely be taking out their inflatable pools and garden sprinklers to get some relief from the heat.  Those with a big private pool are so lucky, come hot weather or cold weather, they can take a dip whenever they feel like it.

Lucky these pool owners may be, pool maintenance is often an issue for them, especially during the fall and winter. All the leaves and twigs, dust, and those critters that end up in the pool are so tiresome to clean. Then the quality of water has to be checked as well to see if harmful bacteria and other nastiness that may cause skin infections, or even Legionnaire’s disease, are present.  It’s definitely a lot of work but all those do not change the fact that a private pool is still more of an asset than a liability, especially now that summers are so intense all over the world. In addition, a swimming pool is a feature that increases the value of properties so you really have to objectively look at the work you put in maintaining it and the value it brings.

According to pool installation professionals, maintenance actually can be carried out more easily and effectively if installation is done smartly, meaning the right filtration system is used and the pool comes with a lot of useful accessories that can take care of all the other sanitation and even security issues.  There’s a selection of pool supplies and equipment for those and among them is the pool sonar, which createsan invisible sonar net below the surface of the water. When a child falls, slips or slides into the pool, the sonar net is broken and immediately triggers a distinct sounding alarm; definitely a must-have for families with little children who tend to wander about outside.

Now for water maintenance, the automatic pool chlorinator is highly recommended.  What this product does is it eliminates the time and guesswork that lead to imbalances in the quality of the water as swimmer loads change and airborne contaminants invade the pool. At the same time, it gets rid of eye and skin irritants and the odour caused by out-of-balance water conditions.

The automatic chlorinator is the pool’s reliable protection from corrosion caused when pH levels swing in and out of balance. It also provides pool owners the convenience of no longer having to manually handle chlorine and acid to infuse the water with; the machine adds these chemicals with precision and only when necessary.

With these accessories, keeping the pool safe to use all year-round will be a breeze.  Get in touch with your pool guy to have them installed and know what other accessories can be used to keep your family pool an asset instead of a liability.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “Handyman” and a content creator. He writes article about home improvement, gardening, interior decorating, kitchen improvement and other topics that can help homeowners. As of now, he visits Pioneerpools.co.nz to know more about effective swimming pool supplies.

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