Jan 28, 2014

Getting Advanced Medical Facilities Cleaning Service in Las Vegas

A medical facility is a place where people visit to achieve better health. But unfortunately, a lack-of-maintenance health care facility can turn into a dangerous place. Accumulated bacteria and germs in such places may endanger the health condition of staffs and patients.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported a shocking fact that each year, almost 1.7 million citizens experience infections obtained while being treated in a medical facility. The report already proved how serious this issue; that’s why it’s very crucial to always keep hygienic and spotless any medical facility!

Cleaning thoroughly a high risk location such as medical facilities is a tedious and hard job that can only be performed by trained and qualified people. When it comes to work in such harmful environment; there are definite methods that must be obeyed such as the application of HEPA vacuum system, color coded microfiber rags to avoid cross-contamination as well as the professionals are already certified in bloodborne pathogens.

Thus, to sanitize a health care facility, hiring people from an advanced cleaning company that offers superior cleaning system can be the right decision to eliminate the possibility of contamination happens. Residents who own and run medical facilities located in and around Las Vegas area; they are fortunate to have a reliable and wide-experience commercial cleaning company like JAN-PRO® that offers the advanced medical facilities cleaning Las Vegas service.

Professionals from the competent cleaning company will perform required medical cleaning actions to keep sanitary and clean the whole areas of your facility –from sanitizing to preventing cross-contamination. They know which high-risk areas that need deeper cleaning. Supported with specific skilled and knowledgeable team plus highly developed and safe disinfecting and cleaning system, they will support you to create a clean and germ-free facility and workplace. It’s the best way to protect your patients and employees from life-threatening infections. 
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