Jan 7, 2014

Moving House — Tips That Eliminate The Stress From Relocating

Moving day — you either dread it or loathe it. Sure, the prospect can mean that you’re moving into a better house and a better neighbourhood or that you’ve gotten a promotion that requires you to relocate. But the very act of sorting out, packing, and lugging all of your stuff from one house into another is about as exciting as sliced bread.

If you had it your way, you’d probably prefer to just pack your clothes and leave or sell all your possessions when moving house. You can just buy new stuff. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option and it’s rarely economical to get new furniture and new appliances. But you don’t have to settle for one or the other just to avoid the stress of relocating to a new home. Use these stress-busting moving house tips and make the experience a better one.

Plan ahead by getting multiple quotes from moving companies and getting all your packing boxes in advance. Stress comes into the picture when preparations for moving are done at the last minute. You can start by getting quotes from several moving companies. You can make a better, informed decision on a service provider when you have enough time to think about rates and services.

The next step is to determine the sort of packing boxes you’ll need. To ensure that your items stay safe and secure while in transit, you’ll need to get the appropriate packing boxes. TVs need boxes reinforced for extra protection; glassware, china, and other breakable items need their own boxes, with bubble wrap, and mattresses need the right covers so they stay protected from dust. And don’t forget to label boxes, from the contents to their designated areas.
  • Choose which ones you can take with you and which items you can put in storage. Just because you’re moving house does not mean you should take everything with you. Storage facilities exist so that you can get more space in your property and have a proper place for stuff you might not be using for a long while.
  • You can also choose to sell off some items and get extra cash for the move or give away items you’ll never use.
  • Pack a moving kit. Just as you would put every essential item in a bag when travelling (e.g., passport, ticket, and IDs), so should you pack a few necessary items when moving house. These may include items for repairing like a screwdriver or hammer; items for unpacking like a retractable utility knife; and fully charged devices like a tablet, so you’ll have music when unpacking your stuff. Getting organised this way will help make your move efficient and, to some degree, even pleasant.

Author: Kenneth Lawrence is a “handyman”. His craft involves DIY concepts and  he likes to share guidelines and tips about  home improvement, building, construction and more.  He writes and reads about almost anything that can hone his skills and increase knowledge about DIY concepts. Kenneth recommends checking out http://www.fortknoxselfstorage.com.au/hints-and-tips/moving-countdown-checklist/ for more house moving tips.

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