Jan 3, 2014

How Social Media Can Help Increasing Real Estate Sales

With the housing market still a mess from the housing bubble; real estate agents need to do everything they can to move houses quickly. That is why many housing agents are moving into social media marketing to help with their sales.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, such as Twitter, provide a number of interesting benefits for businesses. In particular, housing agents can utilize the unique tools of different social media platforms to develop a marketing strategy for the home they are trying to sell. Social media, in general, is a form of micro-blogging. Whether it is a post or a small message with a link, social media is able to craft a brand promotion that has the potential to spread across a network fast, also known as going viral. In addition, depending on how public the post is (and for real estate marketing, these posts should be very visible to a mass audience), the more people can interact with the poster. Say a real estate listing is posted on the social media site for the real estate agent or company; there will be people viewing or stumbling upon the profile who may immediately comment or direct message the poster. This public posting helps to maximize the amount of people who can find feedback about the listing.

How Social Media Targets

Social media targets an audience more directly than other forms of marketing, especially when done correctly. First and foremost is that people will follow or like the real estate agent or company because they have a keen desire to want to follow the postings of this person or business. That means every real estate listing posted on the social media profile will be seen by interested followers who, in turn, will either inquiry about the listing or share the listing on social media, increasing the listing's viral touch.


Another key point is to always post relevant information that is both meaningful and interesting. For many followers, they may want to hear unique real estate market news, not always listings. For example, dean graziosi real estate agent does not always post listings on his social media profiles. He also posts news stories, his opinion on the market, and supplemental real estate information that may be interesting to home owners, bankers, community organizations, or other interested parties. This keeps people wanting more from this person and their business and keeps the postings interesting. If everything was a real estate listing, it may become boring and the social media account may lose followers.


A third key is to be communicative. No one wants people to think that this social media account is not being monitored. When a message or comment is given to the account, someone needs to respond. Responding to inquiries and communications on social media does more than just show the profile is active. It shows that the person behind the social media profile is passionate and desires to communicate with a mass audience of people regularly. This will help build the social media profile's reputation.

A Successful Real Estate Profile

Working to engage and promote a brand and real estate knowledge through a social media profile will help an agent or business increase their networking opportunities. This will ultimately help give real estate listings a viral appeal across a large network of followers who look to the social media profile for information, engagement, and information.


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