Jan 31, 2014

Using Glass to Create Stunning Bathrooms

When you are investing in a stunning bathroom remodel you want every detail to be perfect. Tile plays a key role in creating that spa like feel and covering it up behind walls or unattractive shower curtains just doesn’t make sense. Glass provides the perfect material to finish the look of your high end bathroom with an open feeling that showcases the details of your new remodel. Greg, owner of G.H

Interior Glass (a top Glass Company London is buzzing about at the moment) has been fitting bespoke glass bathrooms for years and is considered a leader in the industry. Here he imparts some of the knowledge that he has collected over the years!

Keep it Open
If you are planning to add an en suite to your master bedroom consider keeping it open using a glass partition wall. If you have plenty of natural light in your en suite don’t let that lovely light go to waste. Glass partition walls are very NYC boutique hotel. Glass partitions are often used in hotel suites between sleeping areas and shower/bathrooms to create a sense of openness in shoe box sized rooms. Whether your master bedroom is massive or tiny, glass partitions work wonderfully for a more open, airy feel.

Show it off
If you have invested a fortune in stunning tile detail in upmarket marbles, natural stones or glass you want to admire it as often as possible. Using glass partitions in your bathroom opens up the room and shows off the expensive details. You can use glass partitions in half walls above counters to separate showers from vanities, frosted glass to separate the more functional aspects of the bathroom such as the toilet or to provide a more intimate feeling.

Keep it Simple
Glass shower enclosures keep things simple allowing the natural details and high end materials in which you have invested to be the focus of your remodel. The shower has taken the place of the soaker tub with the introduction of spa details such as multiple shower heads and computerized faucets. With all this going on glass shower enclosures provide walls that do not interfere with all of the expensive details.

Secure and Practical
Glass shower doors and enclosures are not only beautiful; they are also secure and practical. They offer a seal to keep water from leaking onto the floor which can lead to dangerous slips. You don’t want to have to worry about slips in your beautiful new bathroom and a good seal through glass shower doors will help keep water where it belongs – inside the shower enclosure.

Custom design
You can take full advantage of even the most awkward spaces to allow you to have a larger bathroom. Sloped ceilings and pokey rooms in general can be reconfigured with the use of custom shower screens. Even a few inches can make a huge difference in the comfort of a shower enclosure. Glass shower screens can be custom designed to fit the layout you need.

Slide or Pull
You can choose the style of shower door that suits your needs. There are doors that pull open and closed or shower doors that can slide along a track from the ceiling or floor. If you are using a tub in your remodel instead of a shower you can also use glass partitions and doors for a more upscale look.

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