Jan 29, 2014

Midsleeper Camping Bed – The Bedroom Solution for Small Homes

For a lot of families these days, living in the city means making do with the limited space they have at home. Most apartments are so compact (yet expensive) so being particularly creative with space is not just an advantage but a complete necessity. There are those who look into “transform-able” designs so every integrated item would be able to perform multiple functions. Likewise, it would be easier to move furniture and other implements around to create a different floor layout more suitable to the specific activities at home such as entertaining guests, working, TV watching, and others.

Indeed, with cramped living conditions, it’s imperative to make designing and decorating creative and strategic; this way, the brand of life families wish to have does not need to be compromised. Thankfully, most furniture manufacturers nowadays recognise the challenges of compact living and they are putting more thought in both the quality and the configuration of their products. Take, for example, the midsleeper camping bed; its special design makes it ideal for small spaces because it creates useful levels for a room. The bed is placed high like a sleeping loft so there’s useable space under it for a bunch of things such as drawer cabinets, closets, shelves, or a study table, or it can be used as a sitting area or reading nook. And because of the nice design of this type of bed, a lot of parents customise it in a multitude of ways for a style that achieves the “whimsy” their children desire so the bedroom truly becomes an imaginative and restful sanctuary.

This type of bed is not just for children, though. A lot of young people who live in studio apartments like it, too; it provides them more space for other furniture. Most of the time, under the bed, they put a workstation or a small couch then install a TV on one side so that particular area of the apartment easily becomes the bedroom/den.

And lastly, this bed design is ideal whether you’re going for a classic or modern playful design.  Created using fine wood, it’s not that hard to combine it with a specific furniture collection. If you have classic walnut furniture, the bed can easily blend into the clean palette, or if you have colourful Mexican furniture with a rich mix of dark and vibrant colours and prints, the bed can also work into that quite well – just make calculated moves with the other items you wish to add to the bed.
Limited space does not need to be a big issue in pushing for superior style and function – with versatile furniture, people can live large even in small homes.

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