Jan 31, 2014

When Homeowners in Lafayette, LA Need to Renovate Their Home Garage

Today’s garage is already an important part of a home. In the past ten years, a statistic result mentioned that there are more than 79% houses in the U.S. with a garage; even more than 71% of homeowners have used their garage as the main doorway to their property.

The advancing technology has changed many things, including the developing functions of home garage.  Besides its key purposes as the place to park the car and storage of various things; current garage can be functioned as added space in a home for different functions such as working, kid’s playing and entertainment room.

So, if you plan to turn your existing garage into functional living space; no one will blame your desire, yet you should start the project from the base first. Anyway, what do you have in mind? As mentioned before, you can use this added space for a kid’s playroom, laundry room or man cave. To create a new and clean living space, improving or installing new garage floor should be prioritized.

One of the most popular flooring ideas is tiling your garage floor. Today’s tile options come in a wide assortment of materials, colors and designs; from ceramic, porcelain to luxury vinyl tiles. Homeowners live in and around Lafayette, LA who need having new garage floor can trust the nearby Hollier's Flooring America Lafayette, LA since the competent professionals at this reliable floor store provide customers with a wide selection of floor cover choices; while every product offered at reasonable prices, supported by warranties and served up with inclusive service from flooring selection to installation.

Tiled garage flooring will not only appear attractive, but also offer different levels of resistance to water, stains and impacts as well as anti-slip and simple to maintain floor surface. After installing the new floor cover, you may renovate and beautify the space to make it more comfy.  Adding suitable furniture like a new cabinet set and decorative items is a good idea!

In other way, you possibly just need a nice and safe place to store your car at night and don’t want to change its function. If the garage already connects to your home, you should consider to create a direct entry way. The installed new door will ease you much every time parking the car inside the garage; you can simply jump out of the car and go straightly into your home.  Having the direct entrance to your garage may lead you to new ideas in developing added functional space.  
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