Jan 30, 2014

Pool Tile Repair

Most of the swimming pools these days come with ceramic walls. These tiles are specially made to withstand the constant effects of water, its pressure, and to some extent be frost-free. There are fantastic choices in designs and for the creatively inclined, different mosaic patterns to make the pool look attractive. It is much easier to clean these tiles when compared to vinyl-layered pools. One of the most common problems however is pool tiles falling off and scales developing on tile surface. This can be repaired and maintained efficiently.

Different Types Of Pool Tile Repair
Pool tiles can fall off because of the quality of mortar and grout used to fix it. Tiles can also fall off due to earth movements that lead to cracks in walls. Change in temperature can also lead to cracks and damaged tiles. Save fallen off tiles to fix it back, this saves a lot of hassle of finding matching tiles. Simple self-help pool tile repairs are possible thanks to adhesives and caulking that can be used above as well as below water. In fact, most of the repairs are possible without having to completely drain off water in the pool. Just lower water level to expose damaged area, clean the area exposed and scrape off remnants of mortar from both the pool structure and tile. Wipe it off clean and apply the right amount of mortar to flush it with the neighboring tiles. Ensure that the level is same; this can otherwise lead to problems while grouting. Once it has set, get on to finishing the grouting. Even this needs to be done with care, maintaining proper alignment and without allowing air bubbles to develop. Choose the right kind of adhesive to make the job easier. Silicone products are the best for underwater tiles when compared to conventional grout.

When To Call In The Experts
If the problem of falling tiles persists, call in professionals to check the structure for faults. Weather changes can cause expansions and contractions that are gradually affecting the main structure and it is best to get it repaired at the right time. This problem when left unattended can cause seepage and water damage.  Uneven surface due to fallen off tiles or exposed mortar can cut through skin. Seepage can even cause short circuits in pools fitted with lighting. Also repairing tiles on pool floors without having to drain out water is only possible with the help of expert pool repair and maintenance professionals. They dive down to the surface to fix the problem, which is the easiest way to go about. Check the various service providers before short-listing a few of them. They need to have the expertise and license to take on such repairs.  Feedback from customers can help gauge their competence and a written quote can help compare costs.  They should be able to give a cost as well as job break up with some allowance for changes. A good pool tile repair expert will keep you updated of changes in schedule or costs and ensure that the pool is restored to original shape and is safe for use.
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