Jan 14, 2014

Home Flooring Options

For those looking at doing up their homes and changing existing flooring to something more trendy and up to date, the choices are plenty. The most eco-friendly option among all of this is bamboo flooring. It is completely natural and easier on the eco-system than felling hardwood trees. This is typically a grass and takes just about five years to mature unlike other tress that take several decades. It has as beautiful a finish as hardwood floors and does not sound hollow and fake like laminate floors. 

Some Facts About Bamboo Flooring

This is one choice in flooring for the environmentally conscious customer who wants to keep things in his or her home natural. Although on a comparative scale, bamboo flooring does not match up to hardwood in strength, they definitely have a decent life depending upon wear and tear. Layers of bamboo are cut and bonded together to for planks that can be fitted on floors. The major problem arises when people opt for cheaper options. They then loose out on the “green factor” as the adhesives used are of lower quality. These then begin to give out hazardous fumes with time. This is why only certified products that adhere to quality standards and may cost a few bucks extra need to be used. Bamboo flooring has better water resistance properties than hardwood, but being made of natural materials, it still runs the risk of damage when overexposed to moisture. The color and texture looks extremely trendy and goes well with contemporary furniture designs too. Low on maintenance, it can be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner along with occasional mopping. Just like other wooden floors, this also loses its color with time and can be refinished and polished to get back original appearance.

Disadvantages of Bamboo Flooring

One of the major disadvantages is that it is rather delicate and not suitable for homes with pets and rough wear and tear. High heels and sand particles can scratch the surface and with time this begins to look nasty. The other worrisome feature is its tendency to emit chemical fumes from the adhesive used. The only way to avoid this is to go in only for good quality planks that guarantee to be eco friendly. Although more resistant to water than hard wood floors, these are not suitable for areas that are prone to high humidity. Color choices are limited and hardness factor can limit its use to only certain areas of your home.
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