Jan 6, 2014

How to Ensure Your Home is Built Safely

When building a new home, you want to make sure the job is done right and done with safety foremost on the builder's mind. In terms of maintaining safety in the construction industry, three particular factors come into focus for choosing a build: reputation, certification, and CPD points for builders. These are all important parts of making certain that a builder will be able to complete a project in a way that maintains your confidence.

Builder Reputation

With the increased use of web-based business reviews, available through many different providers, you no longer need to check references in the same time-consuming ways it was done in previous decades. Instead, read the builder's reviews and determine whether they have any negative marks against their work. You might find horror stories or you might find glowing recommendations. It depends on the builder you're researching.

Builder Certification and Licensing

Certification is an important basic criteria. You always want to be certain that any builder or related contractor you use has appropriate and up-to-date certification that's relevant to the job they're doing for you. This goes for the home builder as well as those doing any separate plumbing or electrical work. Before selecting your builder, verify their builder's licence and certification with the appropriate authorities in your area to be sure that it's legitimate and has not lapsed.

Builder Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You should also inquire about your builders CPD points. For building professionals who hold an individual licence or certificate, builders CPD points are a mandatory requirement. Builders must earn twelve points annually under the current system, whether they hold a one-year or three-year builder's licence.

CPD points for builders can be earned a variety of ways, including seminars, workshops, training courses, conferences, trade shows, mentoring, self study, participation on industry committees, and more. Through this system, builders are required to keep up with important information on many topics, including ones having to do with safety.

This additional requirement for education and training can make a difference in terms of skill level and overall quality of work. Their recording of CPD points and participating in qualified activities are also marks of dedication to their profession and to the quality of services they provide those for whom they build homes and other structures. In this respect, builders CPD points are more important than many other factors that might cause a person to hire them for a job.

Choosing a safe builder for home construction is important. The house that is built for you will be where your family lives and creates their memories for a long time to come. It's best that it's built right and built safely by a builder you can trust.

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