Jul 20, 2012

Exterior Steps


Steps are essential on sloping sites but they must complement their surroundings. Concrete is a visually unsympathetic material; timber tends to deteriorate. Stone, however, does have much to recommend it. The stylish example shown here uses a combination of sawn stone treads and edges with random stone infills. Laying these steps is not difficult.


Calculating the number of exterior steps. Drive a peg in at the top of the rise and fix a string line to it at ground level. Drive in a long peg at the bottom of the steps and using a line level, fix the string line so it is horizontal. Measure this distance and divide it into 150 mm increments – this is a comfortable step height.


The number will equal the number of steps. The width of the steps is optional but wider is better than narrow, with a meter being reasonable. You must be able to step up or down taking a comfortable stride. The depth should be 300 mm minimum, 450 maximum.


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