Oct 20, 2020

How to interview moving companies - the ultimate guide

Getting ready for relocation? If disassembling furniture, packing household items, and lifting heavy boxes up and down the stairs sounds challenging, you might want to consider hiring professional help. Not only will this save you from all the stress that comes with relocation, but it will also free up a lot of your time, which you can spend on more important things. However, with so many moving companies out there,how does one find an affordable and reliable one? By interviewing all the potential candidates, of course. There are things you must do even before you start that interview, though. Namely, you must do your homework first if you want to ensure that you have found the company that meets your needs and budget. If you want to know how to interview moving companies, keep on reading.

Do Comprehensive Research

Before you schedule a meeting with a particular moving company, you might want to do some research first. After all, what is the point of having that meeting, only to later find out that that company does not have a license or that you could easily get away with a cheaper one?
Thus, start by asking your trusted friends and family members about moving companies they used before. Ask them about their experience with them. If, however, none of the people you trusted have moved recently, go online. The Internet is the place where you can find almost anything. Don’t just google various moving companies in your city, do comprehensive research on them too. Begin with their sites. If they have a comment section, make sure you read everything people have written, both the good and the bad. Then, move on to their social media. Don't be lazy when it comes to 'digging out' information  - by doing that, you will save yourself time, energy, and money later on.  

A woman typing
Be your own private investigator when trying to find the best moving company
Watch Out for the Red Flags

Before you begin to interview moving companies and during the meetings, pay attention to red flags. Naturally, the first thing you think of will be the price, as of course, you must be ready financially for this move. However, if you think that frauds and scams are not possible when moving, you are wrong. They are very common. Luckily, if you know what to look for, spotting a fraudulent moving company will be easy. The very first thing you must do is ask about the license and insurance. If they have none -get out of there.

When it comes to moving costs and prices, we recommend following the golden rule - if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So, if a company offers you a low price without even looking at the things you want to relocate, be sure that you will either get an outrageous bill later or, even worse, your items will be stolen. Always think about the red flags when interviewing moving companies. Use your common sense! If you think something is rotten, you better run.  

Make Sure You Know Your Moving Rights And Your Responsibilities

Before the interview starts, we strongly recommend researching your moving rights and responsibilities. Then, if you have any questions, you should ask them during the interview. Many people don't do this and get shocked during the interview when they find out they have to file certain paperwork, pay some money, or be home on pick-up and delivery day, etc. Thus, do your research beforehand!

Moreover, during the interview, ask your mover to provide you with a “Ready to Move” brochure or “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” booklet too! All good movers like those at Best Cross Country Movers will have that by their side at all times. These two should explain everything moving-related that you are supposed to know. So, if the movers you are considering hiring do not have them, or if they are not sure about your rights and responsibilities, avoid them.  
A man writing 'Know the rules' on the paper.
Make an effort to learn all the rules, regulations, and rights before you talk to your mover.
Prepare the Interview Questions

Finally, when you interview moving companies, make sure you come prepared! That is, have your interview questions ready before the actual interview. For example, if you have any specialty items like pianos, hot tubs, pools, artwork, and such, make sure you ask your movers whether they have experience handling those kinds of things. Or, if you live in a building with no elevator and narrow stairs, ask them how they plan on dealing with that kind of a challenge. These are just some crude examples, so it is your job to think about your move and prepare a list of questions to ask your movers during the interview. However, if this is your first time moving and you are not sure what to ask your movers, here are some other interview questions you should ask:
•    Is your company properly licensed?
•    How long have you been in business?
•    What kind of liability coverage do you provide?
•    Do you offer packing and unpacking services?
•    Do you offer packing supplies?
•    Do you have all the necessary equipment?
•    Are storage facilities available?
•    Do you have an experienced and trained crew or do you hire seasonal workers on demand?
•    Are there additional fees?
•    Do you offer insurance?
•    How do you handle complaints and claims?
•    Can you provide referrals and recommendations?

As previously mentioned, these are just some of the questions you should ask your mover. But, as every move is different, so should be the questions. Thus, before you interview moving companies, think about your move. Write down everything you feel is necessary! Moving companies can make your move easy, so do not hesitate to ask your mover for useful tips and tricks and make sure they explain anything you find confusing.


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