Oct 7, 2020

Hacks to make room for the baby in your tiny home

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Living in a tiny home can be great for your budget and the environment. However, when a new family member is on the way, finding enough space to fit in all the necessary items can be rather challenging. Instead of looking for a bigger place to move to, you can always test some hacks to make room for the baby in your tiny home. Here are some you should definitely try and share with other people facing the same issues.

Declutter your home

The first and maybe the most important piece of advice is to get rid of all those items that you do not really need. Tiny homes get cluttered pretty quickly, so if you do not declutter regularly, you'll end up living in a mess. Now with the baby coming, you have an extra reason to ditch what is useless or broken and make room for your favorite new creature and their stuff.

Is it time to change some furniture? If your living space is that tiny that you need to choose between a double bed and a crib, you know what you have to do. The pull-out couch can be just as comfortable and leave room for you to move around. But changing furniture is a bit more than a hack, so let's go back to our list.

Be minimalistic

Babies do not take much space, but their stuff can crowd even the largest of homes. If you do not learn how to be a minimalist, you will have to start looking for a bigger place to move to. No worries, our friends from usantini.com can help if you decide to go that way, but if you prefer staying where you are, you will have to be very careful when shopping. Don't have too many supplies and get only what you will use.

Use the space underneath your furniture

Living in a tiny house, you learn to appreciate any space you get. Well, guess what - you can have even more if you use it cleverly. For instance, why would you buy a bed with no storage room underneath it or at least access to the space below? The same goes for wardrobes, dressers, closets, and any sorts of shelves. Quite often, that is the space that gets ignored for no reason.

Also, lose the TV stand in favor of a dresser. The latter can serve the purpose of holding your TV and still accommodate a bunch of baby stuff.

Don't forget that space underneath the crib can be a great place to store extra diapers and other baby supplies. Get a crib with the drawer under the mattress, and you will double your storage options.

Try various layouts

Rearranging the furniture in your tiny home can make it appear bigger and more practical, aside from helping you make room for the baby. It is one of the ways to redecorate your home on a budget too! Now that you will be adding at least one more piece of furniture to it, the baby crib, the task can become even more challenging. Take your time to try various arrangements before the baby arrives; it is less stressful that way. If you have some money to spare, you can even consult an expert to help you with this.

One of the advantages of a tiny home is that everything is at hand's reach. Wherever you place the crib, you will reach it in just a few seconds, which is a plus when the time comes for night feeds.

Store the seasonal items

Seasonal items that you do not use right now do not deserve the precious space they occupy in your tiny home. You can remove extra stuff without breaking the bank, and still rest assured that they are safe in a storage unit. How cool is that?

Be practical when buying the baby gear

When you go shopping for baby furniture and gear, you have to be well-informed and determined to get only the practical stuff. Try to resist those cute baby crib bumpers, soft teddy bears, and the equipment you will be using no longer than a month or two. Also, getting all the stuff at once doesn't make sense since they will only make unnecessary clutter in your home before your baby can use them.

Shop for all-in-one solutions. They not only save space but are also budget-friendly. Convertible furniture is also recommended for small spaces. For instance, get a collapsable stroller or a high chair that can be strapped to a regular chair you have at your dining table.

Remember, babies don't really need all the equipment that is being sold out there. Invest in basics that fit your living space and skip the swings, walkers, and similar stuff (or sell them right after your baby is through with them).

Use the vertical space wisely

Vertical shelves are great for maximal use of space in tiny homes. You can place one next to your crib and stock it with items you need for changing your baby. If you don't like having everything displayed, you can get some decorative bins, baskets, and pretty much any container that can serve for storing baby stuff. You can even get some nice hooks and install them on the wall near your baby's crib so that you can hang your baby's clothes. Such a decoration can even help cozy up your home a little bit.

Customize your closet

There are many additional storage solutions you can add to your closet. After you get rid of everything you won't be wearing in the next few months (either by storing it somewhere else or by throwing it away), you will probably have some space left for the items belonging to your little one. An additional rod in your closet can be a great space-saver. Baby clothes are short, so they will not take too much vertical space. Not having to worry about folding and wrinkles on your baby's clothes is a bonus.

Shoe pockets are great for storing toys, cosmetics, burp cloths, wipes, diapers, etc. The great thing about this organizer is that you can hang it over the door or inside your closet. You will be able to store a bunch of stuff in there without using too much space.

Now that you know how you can make room for the baby in your tiny home, we recommend that you paint your home and clean it thoroughly before getting any of the baby stuff. Enjoy welcoming your little creature in your tiny home!

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