Sep 6, 2013

From Lighting to Shower Position: Top Five Considerations to Make when Decorating Your Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom means taking as much care and thought as you would for any other room in your home. It hasn't always been this way and for a long time bathrooms were seen as purely functional spaces.

The modern bathroom is now widely seen as a true room in its own right, and as such it can be decorated to fit in with an overall style or theme in your home or created as a standout feature and style statement.

Here are the top five considerations to make when decorating your bathroom:

1. Use space

Depending on the type of building you live in, the size of your bathroom will differ greatly from place to place. In older Victorian houses, a large bedroom may be converted into a bathroom whilst in a modern construction flat there might be far less space available.

Whatever the situation, careful planning of layout and design can make the best use of whatever you have to work with.

2. Natural light

Lighting a bathroom can be particularly tricky depending on the effect you are aiming for. LED strips in walls and floors might be great for a contemporary minimalist look but for a popular spa approach wouldn't be suitable at all.

The question of whether or not your bathroom has natural light coming in from windows or skylights can pay an important part in how you use lighting to achieve the effects you are after.

3. Desired effect

Which brings us to the choices you face as to exactly what you want your bathroom to be. Do you want it based around a bath tub or a shower?

If it is the latter, do you want an enclosure or a 'wet room' approach? Is the idea to present a sleek, clear and clean lined minimalist style or do you prefer the proven attractions of Victorian suites and intricate stylings?

4. Positioning

Once you have decided on the overall theme, the positioning of the main pieces of bathroom furniture and fittings is all important. Older or disabled users may need walk in shower ideas that are suitable arranged for ease of access, whilst for others space restrictions may mean that a careful floor plan is needed to maximise potential.

5. Finishes

There are many different approaches to finishing a bathroom. A classic Victorian roll top bath can look fantastic on stripped floorboards, whilst a fully tiled wet room can make a bold statement in any home. Whatever approach you choose you can be sure to arrive at a totally individual and personalised end result.
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