Sep 18, 2013

When You Choose Carpet for Your Kid’s Bedroom

Nothing matches up to the pleasant and comfortable sensation of carpet below your feet. Carpet flooring has already proven to provide a safe and comfy floor surface for younger kids who are prone to fall.  So, if you plan to renovate your kid’s bedroom, installing a new carpet floor can be a great idea. Before you go to the website to buy the right carpet, there are things that you should think about first.

When searching for the most suitable carpet flooring for a kid’s bedroom, you should choose the right material/fiber, style and colors. The chosen carpet should be able to withstand different spills and lessen soil accumulation. This type of carpet is a stain-resistant one that would be much easier for you to clean and maintain.

Don’t choose natural material like wool carpet for your kid’s room; it can be an ideal place for allergens such as mould and pollen to accumulate. Carpet that made from synthetic material/fiber is a better option as mould can’t hide inside it. For example, nylon carpets are easy to maintain, long-lasting and the allergen-free fibers are improbable to unknot over time. Carpeting that made from recycled material such as PET can also be your option since this carpet is also durable and water resistant.

When it comes to select the right style, berber carpeting is always ideal for kid’s room and other high-traffic areas in your home. Created from continuous fiber loops that makes it very sturdy and track-resistant; this thick and flat style of carpet doesn’t show tracks, stains and soil. On the other hand, hard to clean carpets like plush carpeting that made from firmly twisted pile would not be proper for any kid’s room.

Avoid too light or dark colors; middle tone colors would be better carpet colors as it makes the room looks bigger.  You may simply place the bright colors of rugs and play mats on the carpet floor to generate a motivating ambiance inside. So, installing the right carpet will support you to maintain your kid’s room harmless, clean and beautiful for years ahead.

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