Sep 20, 2013

Watch Out!! While Hiring a Maid

There was a time when a lady has to manage her house, her work, family, etc. But after the business of maid service has came into lime light, there has been some relief to mothers. They can hire a part-time maid, full-time maid or live-in maid which will provide an extra hand to them. The people who want to have easy money had used it as a fake business to abduct kids, robbery,etc.

So this points will be helpful to you while hiring a maid or agency:
·         Identification:
Take the background check of the maid and also the agency before hiring. Using an esteemed and registered maid service agency may help you with the verification process. Also emphasize the agency to provide a person who is having an extensive experience of care taking small children and the duty that go with it. The agency should always ready to show their paperwork and license. Never hire someone who is a minor.
·         Religion:
If you need a person of specific religion please mention it to the agency so that they can shortlist people according to it.
·         Police Verification:
Don't ever have a urge to hire the maid first then have the verification. Normally it takes more than a week if the maid is out of town. If you hire someone without verification then it could be dangerous to your home, family and baby. Ensure the paperwork is genuine, the agency can also do this kind of verification if the extra cost is incurred by the client.
·         Addictions:
Check your maid is in any kind of program of de-addiction or is she having any addiction of cigarette, smoke, weed, drinks, etc. The stains in their finger nails or presence of nicotine in their blood can help you to raise question.
·         Job Descriptions:
Clear with the agency the job description or the task the maid has to do because it will help you to reduce cost too.
·         References:
The agency would resist to commit anything on paper, never on them what they said on telephone. Hence have a talk to refs or employers before taking a decision.
·         Literate:
It will be good for you and your child if you hire an educated maid. Because he/she will able to follow the daily routine or instructions you would have written for the baby. If it is difficult to get a literate, hire such a maid who can understand your language and communicate with you well.
·         Hygiene:
Talking about her home or lifestyle will help you to know about her attitude. It will give you glance on key issues such as hygiene, security and discipline which will help you to know what part you have to work on.
·         Rate:
Over paying does not ensure you about the best service but you can reward her later with bonus or any essential he/she need.
·         Psychological check up:
Check that your maid does not have any kind of psychological issues. If she has, ensure that is she perfectly out of it. I think it is not needed to tell about a psycho.

Regie Mathew a well known maid agent wants to share this point before you hire any maid services from any of the agent. This points are answer to various questions asked by the people regarding hiring a maid.
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