Sep 25, 2013

Zincalume - Roofing That Is Built To Last

From the name itself you can pretty much guess what Zincalume is made of. Made in the same hot dip process used in making galvanised steel, this alloy-coated steel is 43.5% zinc, 55% aluminium, and 1.5% silicon. Bonded to a mild steel substrate, the combination is considered a superior type of coating that holds up much better under tough rural, industrial, and marine conditions. It offers double protection with the aluminium providing barrier protection and the zinc taking care of the sacrificial cut edge protection. These two elements together are responsible for Zincalume’s superior corrosion performance.

When it comes to roofing, many people tend to go for the more traditional zinc-coated galvanised steel, thinking that it makes a stronger candidate as well as a more affordable option. That galvanised material is more cost-effective is merely a myth perpetuated in the construction industry. The fact of the matter is that extensive research has actually proven that Zincalume roofing outperforms galvanised steel in the desired non-corrosive functions. After 20 years, roofs made with Zincalume steel are still in good condition whereas those made with galvanised steel have been largely compromised with the significant presence of red rust. In fact, Zincalume’s corrosion resistant performance is comparable to that of the much more expensive aluminium and stainless steel in varying environments. Taking this into account, Zincalume is clearly the most cost-competitive choice. For this reason, it has been widely accepted and is a popular material in the steel building products market. Carport kits, guttering, downpipes, fencing, nails... these are all available in Zincalume steel.

A relative newcomer, having only been introduced to most markets sometime in the early nineties, Zincalume immediately showed itself to be an excellent material to work with. Builders were quick to recognise its fine qualities, discovering that, besides being extremely durable, it is also easy to paint. It boasts extraordinary mark resistance, allowing the end result or product to be better looking without the usual marks left by sweaty hands and moisture as well as the scuffs from boots and other objects. You may think that such little dents and blemishes do not matter in the big picture since roofs are rarely visible to onlookers, but even small nicks can compromise the integrity of a roof and eventually lead to considerable damage.

In Australia where houses are exposed to salt-laden air in the coastal areas and to other harsh elements present in the widely diverse landscape, Zincalume roofing definitely makes a wise choice.

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