Sep 20, 2013

Few Tips on Buying or Selling Property

Buying and selling of house is something that doesn’t happen very often; may be once or twice in a lifetime. So there are few things you should be careful about while going through the process. In this article I’ll be sharing some useful tips which will help you in selling the property faster and some points you should be aware if you are planning to invest in real estate business.

The business of real estate is getting highly unpredictable. Previously people used to buy a property and then sell it after a year gaining ample of profit, but today this is not the case. You will have to do a complete market research about the property and lots of other things. These days timing is the most important thing that matters in any real estate property dealing. If you sell a property at the right time then you can fetch huge profit.

The best idea to earn maximum profit is that you purchase a property when the rates are less. Keep that property with you till the time you think the price has reached maximum and then plan to sell it. The one element that creates problems is the maintenance cost which you will have to bear while keeping the property and waiting for the prices to increase. This phase usually becomes quite frustrating as at this point of time you are just spending money without even knowing how much you will earn out of the property.

The Important Buying Tips
Choose the right property- Before making the investment you might have come across various property deals and you should know one thing that should have learned is that there are different ways of investment for every different property.

Let us first talk about the kind of properties on which you can rely for investment purpose. Such properties are a beneficial investment option assuring you high Return on Investment (ROI) by putting them on rent.

Consider Buying Commercial Properties- The best part of buying commercial properties is that the cost of repairing is reduced to a large extent if we compare it with residential property. Making investments in such kind of properties are generally hugely fruitful. Things you should consider while buying a commercial property include:

·         Infrastructural facilities
·         Location

Consider buying a plot- It is one of the basic and most common things people do when they have a budget constraint. They just buy a land or a plot and sell it at the right time to earn profit. You won’t see any kind of recurring costs associated with this kind of safe investment. But yes, it is true that the waiting time in this process is considerably higher than other investments.

All you need is buy a property and put it on rent; when required get it repaired availing tax exemptions and when you think the right time has come, sell it to get guaranteed returns.

The Important Selling Tips
Pricing your house rightly- It is quite important that you do the reality check before fixing the price your house. You can either contact a real estate appraiser, who has the experience of evaluating properties or check how much you can get after building your property. Also, involve a real estate broker, as this his job and might be having a better information about latest sales trend in that particular area. Search for good real-estate portals and compare those properties which you think are similar and is within the same locality.

Market your property- Write down almost every feature that you think will impress people or your targeted audience. Get few advertisements published in the community classified as usually there are lots of people in the locality who are searching to buy a property for the relatives or friends in the same locality. 

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