Sep 13, 2013

Hot Tub vs. Sauna which is More Healthy

When visiting a spa or retreat, you might have to choose between a hot tub or a sauna; the latter option tends to be more common for detox retreats and luxury spas if you want to use one for its health benefits, as well as for relaxation. It’s worth exploring the different health and relaxation options available at getaways like Grayshott Spa, and how you can try different packages. However, is a hot tub or a sauna better for your health, and what are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the two options?

Hot Tub

With a hot tub, you get the benefit of different whirlpool, jet, and other options. Relaxing in a hot tub can also be more enjoyable if you’d rather relax your muscles in a wet, rather than a dry heat. Being in a hot tub can allow for improved blood circulation, as well as reduced stress and pain relief. Moreover, hot tubs can be an ideal way to enjoy glasses of wine and drinks, compared to the humidity of a sauna.

In terms of disadvantages, though, hot tubs can be much more difficult to keep clean than saunas. The best hot tubs will have strict hygiene rules, and should be regularly cleaned and disinfected with chlorine in its water supply to prevent the spread of bacteria. Hot tubs also tend to consume more electricity than a sauna, and can create a higher risk of bacteria spreading.


The advantage of a traditional sauna is that you can absorb heat and release toxins from your body - a well maintained and temperature controlled sauna can also boost your circulation and allow you to unclog pores. Saunas are also useful if you want to gradually relax after intense exercise, and if you prefer a dry, humid heat for easing muscle pain than being in a hot tub.

Other health benefits of a sauna include their ability to promote good cardiovascular strength, as well as high enough temperatures to help your body to burn through calories. The higher temperatures of saunas than hot tubs can also be better for reducing the risk of bacteria spreading. However, saunas should be approached with caution if you have high blood pressure, or if you’re dizzy or unwell before entering one.

So, which is better? Hot tubs provide a more fun way to relax at the end of a spa day or party, whereby you can combine a soak with glasses of wine. By contrast, saunas offer a somewhat more hygienic and health-focused approach to relaxation, and tend to be better if you want to bring together larger groups. Saunas can also be more energy efficient, and can be controlled with different heat and humidity settings to give you a focused and healthy experience.

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Daniel Pearson mostly writes about how you can improve your health and de-stress by visiting spa retreats. He particularly recommends exploring the different options and packages available at Grayshott Spa.  Between saunas and hot tubs, he’s more of a fan of a good sauna, but never turns down a glass of wine in a hot tub.

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