Sep 28, 2013

Why Use a Swimming Pool Mosaic?

Using a swimming pool mosaic can be one of the best ways to give a bland yard personality. These are available in a wide range of formats and can be used in both regular in-ground models or the popular vinyl lined ones.

As pizzazz to an existing home

Many people purchase older homes that often have the rectangular or kidney bean-shaped in-ground pools. These homeowners often are interested in upgrading and remodeling the home over time. Many want to make the backyard more attractive for use for parties and gatherings but need to be budget-conscious at the same time. Using these kinds of products is one way to give an old pool a new look without the cost of extensive pool remodeling. These can provide a conversation piece as well as many have some surprising looks.

Different styles are available

Some of the most interesting examples of this kind of design are the ones that are inset into the pool itself or that appear on the cement walkway areas around the pool. These can serve a decorative purpose or one that is functional. People may want to find footprint or sandal versions to use to point the way to another feature such as bathroom, outdoor shower or separate spa. These can provide a whimsical touch but also one that is fairly unique.

Some people will want to create a specific theme. This can be a tropical flower like hibiscus, hula girls, palm trees or other item.  Other people may want geometric patterns, lines or other designs. Sea animals like dolphins and whales are very popular as are many kinds of tropical fish, sharks or seashells. People may want to recreate the look of a seaweed forest or a coral reef.

While many of the designs are readymade, there are also options for custom work. Some companies can create something completely unique based on what the client wants to accomplish. Clients can bring in photos of something they have seen, a basic drawing or even just discuss their ideas with the company.

There are also different styles and materials available. Some homeowners will want tiles that have a printed design such as those that feature things like fish. Other homeowners will want inset tile work that creates the fish or other design. In addition to ceramic or porcelain tiles for standard in-ground pools, there are also options that can be placed in the pool without any extensive work to set the mosaic. These kinds are appropriate for in-ground pools or the kinds that have vinyl liners.

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