Sep 9, 2013

Use a Fence Topper for Finishing Touches to Landscaping

Using a fence topper can be an easy way to add visual appeal to landscaping. These products are in the family of post cap products and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. These kinds of details help people to get a customized look for yards and are very appealing in areas where homes seem to look very much the same.

Good looks aren’t everything

These products look great but actually serve a purpose beyond beautification. The upright posts for many kinds of fences have raw edges that hold water when it rains or snows. After a while, this can cause the post to rot or decay and makes it vulnerable as a support system for the fencing. In some parts of the country, this kind of damage also encourages pests like termites, carpenter bees or other insects to make a home in the wood. With the cost of lumber plus labor, most people are not anxious to have to replace fencing.

Design choices

There are styles that work with all kinds of houses ranging from the contemporary to the vintage. People will find peaked top pyramid shapes, globes or rounded shapes, oval orbs, pineapples, or even lantern styles with window grids. While these are manufactured in different materials such as wood and laminate, the best choices may be ones made of metal. These kinds are superior for several reasons. Wood and laminate can be damaged from extreme weather, moisture or sun damage making them split and cracks over time. Metal has none of these hazards. At the very worst metal like copper will turn a lovely green patina over time called verdigris. But that only happens with untreated copper. People that want to retain an orange shade to copper can buy ones that have been treated with a coating. Stainless steel is also another good metal choice. These kinds sometimes have a brushed finish that retains a good look for decades. An added bonus to using metals is that these never have to be painted.

Some products also have lights. These are almost always solar powered so there is no need to add wiring. These can be used on all post caps or merely the ones adjacent to the gates or other endings of the fence line. Many of these models look like old style lanterns and have window style grids.

These products are very easy to install. Many use only regular screws to hold these in place making it an easy project.

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