Sep 25, 2013

A Look at the Future of Your Kitchen Lighting

Simple incandescent bulbs ruled the lighting world until the advent of compact fluorescent lamps in the late 20th century. Now, a collection of technological and design changes suggest that tomorrow's living spaces could look very different from the ones we use today. Increase energy efficiency, improved CFL color temperature and the advent of new technologies mean the world of Corona lighting has opened up in the past few years, and even more changes are on the horizon.

Historically, “green” lighting has meant dealing with unpleasant blueish color tones or stark, cold light-emitting diodes, unlike plumbing fixtures in residential homes. Recent advances mean that those days may be over, with new warmer, more welcoming CFL and LED lamps coming onto the market. Dimmability and more attractive styles mean that the bulb itself could soon become a design element. Consumers are even switching to barn lights and similar fixtures that show off their light bulbs. In the world of lighting design, the future is bright!

Spooky or Elegant, This Tree-Shadow Chandelier Makes a Statement
The world of home lighting fashion has been expanding by leaps and bounds within the past few years. From the starkly utilitarian to the ornately decorative, there's a lot more to choose from than the old standbys. One eye-catching option is Hilden & Diaz's exciting new tree-branch chandelier, “Forms in Nature.”

Designed to project tree roots and branches all around the space in which it is hung, this one-of-a-kind fixture gives a bedroom or family room new drama. It includes a single dimmable bulb at the center of the sculpture, which can be adjusted to create stark, intense shadows or soft, friendly ones. Currently, the fixture is still just a concept, but excitement over its unique design has prompted a bidding war on the designer's site. That means that this beautiful work of art could be available in your area surprisingly soon.
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