Sep 20, 2013

Why Invest in a Good Hot Tub Cover?

Your hot tub is worth a lot to you. It is a good place to relax, a therapeutic pool, and a good place of refuge when you unwind. When you ask people to name some of the most crucial parts of a hot tub, they will talk of things such as the motor, the filter, the chemicals, and the water itself. One very important feature that is ignored quite often is the hot tub cover. The truth is that the cover has a lot of impact on your hot tub. Even if you already have a cover for your spa, occasional upgrades are also a fantastic idea.

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Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover 

Since it is overlooked most of the times, it is important to review the benefits of a hot tub cover. To begin with, your spa cover keeps your hot tub within the required temperature range. Without any insulation on it, the tub will have to work ten times more to maintain the warmth of the water. Although this is possible, it is very inefficient.

Secondly, a well-insulated cover helps reduce the overall costs of maintenance. When your tub is covered, energy is utilized sparingly. That means you are going to pay less to keep your tub hot. You will also be able to save a lot of money in terms of the chemicals and water. When the hot tub is uncovered, water easily evaporates as well as the chemicals. Try standing next to uncovered spa and you will see steam rising off it. Those are water and chemicals being lost.

This implies that you will be forced to add more chemicals and more water than necessary to keep your tub warm when it is not covered. Covering it reduces the rate of evaporation and increases its efficiency. On the overall, the maintenance costs are lowered markedly over the years. Additionally, when the heater of your tub is working overtime, it is more likely to break down. Thus, by reducing its load of work by installing a cover, you will give it a new lease of life. 

A Good Hot Tub Cover Ensures Safety 
Another reason why installing a hot tub cover is important is safety. If you have kids or pets, a hot tub cover will save lives. Most spa covers today are tough enough to be even walked on without caving in. This is because they make use of clasps on the sides which ensure that the cover is firmly locked in place. Although it is easy for an adult to undo the clasps, it is hard for children and impossible for pets. You can decide to make it easier by putting in place low-mount cover lift for spas.

Again, installing a hot tub cover ensures that your tub functions at its best. It is a very affordable option that will save your money in the long run. The good thing is that hot tub covers enjoy a great deal of longevity. For instance, if you installed a hot tub cover today, it would take well over half a decade to replace. So in choosing a good hot tub cover, always look for quality first instead of the price.

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