Sep 9, 2013

Is a Cow Hide Rug Right for Your Home?

People sometimes envision a cow hide rug being used in a specific way. This product may make people think of a log cabin somewhere in the Wild West. The fact is that these products can be used in a wide range of different settings that include contemporary homes.

A natural hide or one that has been changed slightly?

There are many different products that are made from this material. The traditional “cow” shaped rugs are some of the best recognized and loved. These have four “legs” and a “neck” and follow the natural contours of the animal’s body. These can vary in size depending on the original size of the animal, with bulls providing the largest options.

The patterns to the natural hides can be white, tan, beige, brown, brindle, black or gray. Some coat colors are a mix of different shade or have white areas. The patterns can be spotted, speckled, random blotches of color, brindle or a somewhat stripped pattern, or a mostly solid color. Some coats are similar to dappled coats of horses. People that like specific breeds of horses such as Paints, Pintos or Appaloosas often like to get a cowhide that is similar to their horse’s coat color.

There are also hides that have been treated or stenciled to give a unique pattern. Leopard skin and zebra are two of the most popular ones. A real zebra or leopard skin rug might cost many thousands of dollars and some wildlife products like this can no longer be imported. Having a cowhide imitation can provide a good look at a favorable price.

People will sometimes find the hides have natural irregularities. If the cow had a scar, usually obtained from a tangle with fencing material, it is possible to have a white line in the hair or a raised spot on the hide itself.

Other shapes and options

There are also options to obtain rugs in traditional shapes such as squares and rectangles. People that like a multicolored effect or a pattern may want to explore the world of patchwork rugs. These can be found in shapes like a compass rose or traditional patchwork shapes.

People can also find other home products made from cowhide. Some of the most popular are wall hangings and pillows. People often find that pillows can be the perfect complement if they have a leather sofa. These can be chosen to match a color in the sofa or provide a contrasting color.

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