Sep 23, 2013

Essential Furniture for the Modern Home

Whether it’s your first home, or a place you’ve lived in for years, most of us would like our homes to be more practical, as well as more beautiful. After a long day at work, we all like to come home and enjoy some relaxation, and whether that’s watching TV or other leisure activities, we all want to get the essential chores out the way so we can concentrate on enjoying ourselves. That’s why it’s essential to get our home d├ęcor looking good, and to create practical solutions that make the most of our space, yet require little maintenance or cleaning. Here are just a few items that every house should have in order to feel like a home.

Far too many bedrooms are cluttered, making them less than relaxing places to sleep. Ideally, your bedroom should simply consist of:
·         A comfortable bed
·         Bedside cabinets
·         Soft lighting
·         Storage for clothes
·         Reading lamps

A lot of people have TVs in their room, and even use laptops and other gadgets in bed. However, this can be distracting and interrupt sleep, so try to banish these items from the bedside. Having a de-clutter of your bedroom can work wonders for your state of mind, so try not to have anything unnecessary in this room, and make it a safe haven from the outside world.

Kids rooms often house lots of toys and games, so make sure they have plenty of storage space for their stuff. By organising their toys into drawers, clean-up is much easier, and they are less likely to be distracted by things they want to play with at bedtime.

Living rooms
The living room is at the heart of any home, and it needs to be a space where you can relax, but also entertain guests. The centrepiece of any living room is the sofa, so it’s worth investing in one that’s comfortable and will last for many years. If you choose a neutral colour, then you can easily change the look of your lounge without having to buy new furniture every time. Most homes have an entertainment centre in the living room which holds the TV, as well as the ever increasing number of satellite boxes, consoles, speakers, and other items that keep us happy. By choosing a sturdy, practical unit to house these items, you keep them out of view and ensure little hands can’t get to them.

Kitchen and dining room
The kitchen is the room of the house that often gets the messiest, so it’s essential to have plenty of storage and space solutions around to keep things organised. There are plenty of inexpensive storage solutions that you can buy or create yourself, so get inspired by looking at how friends organise their kitchen space. Essential furniture for the kitchen could include racks for hanging up pans and utensils, as well as shelves that are well categorised and make it easy to find things.

Dining rooms are usually fairly simple to decorate, and most people like to choose a high quality table and chairs that will last a lifetime. If you have extra chairs, it can be better to store them for when you have big crowds, rather than leaving them out to get in the way. This will make it easier to vacuum, and makes the room look bigger.

Most modern bathrooms don’t have an awful lot of space for furniture, but you can often fit solutions such as under sink storage units if you need more space. If you’ve got lots of people sharing a bathroom, then it’s essential that they have their own shelf in the bathroom cabinets, so you may need to install a bigger unit to avoid sibling rivalries.

Modern homes often have a bright, contemporary style, and this makes it easier to make them into practical, easy to live in spaces. You can therefore minimise the amount of time spent cleaning, and maximise the time spent relaxing, enjoying your hard earned time off. Why not look at ways that you can contemporise your home? By cutting down on the clutter and going for a few quality pieces of furniture, you can make it a much more pleasant environment for everyone to live in.

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