Sep 25, 2013

Why are Underfloor Heating Systems So Popular?

Heading towards the months of winter, we start feeling the chill of winter. People living in places that experience extreme chilly temperatures during the winters are forced to look for some effective method that will help them beat the winters. Underfloor heating system is indeed one of the best ways to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. This is one of the most advanced technologies that has gained immense popularity over the last decade.

The history of underfloor heating can be traced back to the Roman era. Previously electric isothermal equipment would be fixed under the basement surfaces so that the area would remain warm. The major drawback was that it could not controlled and was highly expensive.

With time technological advancements came up and the isothermal set ups brought certain new dimensions. However, it is the modern underfloor isothermal set up which was proved to be the most effectual over the rest. A much preferred way of keeping the long nights of winter warm, underfloor heating is now in high demand. People have now become more conscious about the advantages of installing underfloor heating systems in their home. The modern day basement heating systems use high-tech boilers and have multi-layer pipelines and control systems and are therefore, highly productive, environment-friendly and comfortable.

Let us take a quick look at some of the key points that accounts behind the popularity of  underfloor heating systems:

High efficiency – The isothermal systems function at relatively low temperatures and distribute heat uniformly throughout the area and are therefore, more efficient than the traditional heating systems. Above all, the thermostat installation can regulate the temperature, something that adds to the potential of the mechanisms.

Highly Durable
Since the underfloor heating system is tough and long-lasting in nature, they would require the minimum maintenance. You can rest assured of the fact that the these sets up would work for a span of about 25-50 years and will not involve frequent maintenance or repair works.

Less electric consumption
Equipped with high-tech set ups and the ability to function more effectively than the traditional isothermal mechanisms, installing basement heating systems will definitely cut down your electricity bills. However, you should be careful to note that the electric consumption is likely to depend on the house insulation and temperatures at which the heating system will run.

Ultimate comfort
While the standard radiators mostly function at high temperatures that range from 65 to 70 degrees celsius, underfloor heating mechanism can easily operate at a suitable temperature of about 35 degrees celsius. Capable of spreading the heat evenly from under the surface, this particular heating system offers more comfort to people.

Installing underfloor heating system is definitely going to benefit you a lot, something that you will not be able to access from the radiators. The heat generated from the radiators have a tendency to escape from the ceiling. On the other hand, the heat coming from underneath the surface loses almost 2 degree temperatures a couple of metres above the surface. In this way, you will be able enjoy a natural warmth that is likely to benefit patients suffering from asthma or allergies. Underfloor heating mechanism also helps in keeping airborne dust and dust mites away from your home.

The article gives an insight to the multiple benefits of installing underfloor heating systems in you home.

Author Bio:  Mark OBrien takes a keen interest in exploring the different home improvement sectors. In his free time, Mark enjoys writing blogs that offer adequate information on  commercial underfloor heating.

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