Sep 22, 2013

Great Design Ideas that will Inspire Creativity

We probably wouldn’t like to admit it, but the office is fast becoming a home from home for a great many people. The economic downturn has forced many of us to work harder and for more hours than ever before. As a result it is not uncommon to find yourself spending more time in the office than anywhere else. The increased workload that many of us face is an unavoidable necessity but there is no denying that this intensive mode can lead to increased levels of stress and stifled creativity.

Companies like Google and Facebook understand the risks that come with an increased workload and, in order to combat this, have made radical design changes to their offices in order to improve the well-being of their employees. The workplace in these companies is made to resemble a homely, activity-filled environment and is designed to encourage employees to enjoy the time they spend there. Now most companies, especially start-ups, do not have the funds to follow in Google’s footsteps and install a cinema room, or a massage room, or serve three meals a day cooked by an in-house chef. However, you can still redesign your office in a non-extravagant yet practical fashion. Eliminating stress is one thing, but the interior design of your office should also aim to inspire your staff and promote creativity.

The best thing you can do is to talk to your staff about what additions will enrich their working experience. By interviewing each person individually you can determine which ideas come up the most and compose an objective idea of what changes need to be made. However, there are a number of things you can do which will guarantee a drop in stress levels and an increase in creativity.

First of all, give people the freedom to work how they like and where they like. Perhaps your employees don’t always feel comfortable working on a computer at a desk. You can provide pens and paper for the traditionalists, or even let people work on their phones or their tablets so long as the work keeps getting done. Another good idea is to have a whiteboard on which your employees can collaborate and share ideas. Also, be sure to leave notepads lying about everywhere as you never know when someone will have a sudden breakthrough.

A recent study suggests that messy office environments encourage risk-taking and thinking outside the box, while orderly offices promote convention and playing it safe. When designing your office make sure to keep everything versatile – that way your employees can move things about and tailor their environment to suit their needs. By creating different zones within the office you will allow your workers to choose whether they wish to work in sociable surroundings or within a more pensive atmosphere. 

An important factor that is often overlooked is the value of natural lighting and good ventilation. By installing large windows you can let in a lot of natural light while also maintaining good air flow. Finally, let your employees bring in personal items such as photos, plants and even pets. These will add life to the office as well as talking points that will help everyone get to know one another a bit better.
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