Sep 6, 2013

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Konecto Vinyl Flooring

A house is simply a structure composed of a floor, walls and a roof. It's the love and the lively living inside of that house that transforms it into a home. In order to feel free to enjoy a home, the products used in its design must be durable enough to withstand the high activity level of children, the playfulness of the family pets and the repetitiveness of daily use. Konecto Vinyl Flooring can do all of that and more. Konecto invented and patented glueless Grip-Strip technology that assures a secure application. Their vinyl flooring does not require adhesive with makes it quick and easy to install. It's durable enough for high traffic areas and can float over most cub-floors.
Konecto vinyl flooring
By choosing Konecto vinyl for the flooring in your home, you do not have to sacrifice beauty for endurance. There is an incredibly diverse selection of designs to choose from. There's a wide selection of neutral colored flooring that will complement numerous decors. Color diversity covers a range from tranquil cotton white to mysteriously intriguing Guam found in the Avalon Collection. Colorful choices such as Moorea, Sahara or Mediteranea open up multitudes of decorative options in your home.
Konecto vinyl flooring

With Konecto vinyl, you can be assured that the flooring you select for its beauty is also a flooring that will endure the chaos, busyness and playfulness that a young, growing family will experience as they make the house they moved into the home they love living in.
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