Oct 8, 2018

An Easy Flooring Option

As with other types of flooring, laminate offers several benefits along with a few cons. If you don't have a lot of time to spend on installing flooring in your home, then laminate might be the best option. Unless there are issues with the subfloor or the material itself, you can install laminate flooring in only a few days. This is a benefit if you have children or pets in the home and you want to get the floor installed without disrupting schedules in the home. Most laminate flooring Denver stores sell is designed with a lock or click feature that allows you to put each piece on the floor and lock the others next to it, continuing in this manner until the entire floor is covered. Pieces that need to be cut can be easily done because the planks are made of softer woods or particleboard. Keep in mind that some pieces might not lock in place correctly, which means that you might have to try a few different pieces before you can get multiple ones to fit together so that the floor looks the way you want.
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Laminate is easy to clean. All you have to do is sweep the floor and use a damp mop on the surface. This is a benefit if you have kids or pets because you can easily clean up messes. However, if you don't get the pieces locked tightly, some liquids can seep through the cracks between each plank, resulting in bowing of areas of the flooring in the future. You can install laminate in rooms where there is moisture present, such as the bathroom or a laundry room. Make sure the boards are tight against each other if you decide to place the flooring in these rooms so that moisture can't get underneath the planks.

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