Oct 26, 2018

5 things you should remember for before painting your living space

Though a dull white wall seems quite boring, especially in your living space, we somehow manage to put up with it only because the idea of painting intimidates us. That’s the story of many people like you and me, but the truth is, a dull white is a gloomy colour that also affects your mood. So, the best idea is to get your walls painted and that too, without much worries. So, let’s talks about painting your walls and some important pointers that you just can’t afford to overlook while doing the task.
1. Opt for the Colours that Reflect Light

This is one of the most important parts of painting your walls and unfortunately we fail to notice this. Today, the concept of micro-housing is drawing so much of attention and the space crunch is the biggest problem. But, with proper planning, you can actually make a space look bigger. For that, you need to choose colours that reflect light. Recently, I have visited one of my friend’s 2 BHK flat in Rajarhat, where I have seen wonderful use of colours. The entire living room was painted lemon yellow, which looks stunning when the sunlight peeps in from the opposite window. She has also used ceiling lights, which also helps in reflecting light from the walls, thus making the yellow look absolutely splendid. Apart from lemon yellow, you can also choose ivory, peach, light blue, to reflect light and make the space look bigger

2. Choose appropriate designs and textures

Textured painting is highly in vogue these days. You can opt for it too. A single colour in every corner of the house makes it look boring. But, you need to identify the perfect area for textured paint, as it does not look good everywhere. There should be a theme in choosing the textures and make sure that the colour is in perfect line with the furniture and decor artefacts in your home.

3. Avoid using same colour in the entire room

Avoid monotony in all forms. One of them is painting the entire house with the same colour. It doesn’t mean that you have to make an overuse of different colours. Just choose the colour palate in such a way that each of the colours complement each other perfectly. However, make sure that the colour of the sitting areas, dining, study rooms are warm and inviting.

4. Get Appropriate Primer

You just can’t apply paint directly on the walls. To maintain the sheen and luster of the paint, you need to get appropriate primer. Primer seals the walls, thus making the base to put up the paint. It fills the holes and cracks, so that the paint can adhere well. What’s more! A primer also prevents flashing or a shiny spot on the wall, thus giving it a balanced look throughout.

5. Brush before rolling

After priming the walls, make sure that you are brushing and rolling the walls properly. The better the brushing, the better the finish. So, don’t just forget to brush the wall before rolling. Use high-quality brush to paint about an inch out from corners, the ceiling, and the baseboard. These are areas that a roller cannot reach. Following the brush, use a roller to flatten out the brush marks. This way you will get a flat surface, where the paint will sit well.

Paint colours can dramatically change the mood and interior design of your home. At the same time, it enlivens your drooping spirits.

Summary: Painting your walls can change the aura of your interiors but at the same time, you need to make sure that you are doing it right. This blog will help you to get an idea about room painting.

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