Oct 25, 2018

Ways to Make Your Home Healthier from the Inside Out

Our homes are places where we put our own personal touches on decor, entertain our loved ones on special occasions, and watch our families grow together. However, there are many risks involved with home ownership. One of these risks is that we do not always have control over everything that enters our homes. The air quality in our neighborhoods may not be something we have direct influence of, but it can always be improved from the inside. Below are a few ways to improve the air in your home and protect your family in the process.
Phase out harsh chemical cleaners
Chemical cleaning products are great for getting rid of dirt, germs and bacteria from surfaces in your home, but they can wreak havoc on your organs. Bleach is poisonous if ingested and even items like rat poison, which are intended to keep our families safe, can cause extreme harm if they come in contact with the skin or if they are accidentally ingested. There are a variety of home cleaners that you can make yourself from simple ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice, or if you are not handy, you can buy non-toxic cleaners at many super markets. Most importantly, here are some store-bought cleaning products that contain the most toxic chemicals.

Upgrade your air filtration
Air quality in any room of a home should be a top safety priority. The cleanliness of the air directly affects the health of every person who enters that room. If your home still uses radiant heat, you are running the risk of dangerous lead pipes contaminating the home. If your home uses forced air heating, every time the heat starts up, dust is forced upward along with the heated air, spreading germs, pet dander, dust and pollen into the air. If your home has not upgraded to an HVAC unit for heating and air conditioning, now may be the time to invest in this change. HVAC units are not only cleaner for the air by filtering it as it comes in, but they also tend to lower the costs of heating and cooling a home.

Look at the source of allergies
Allergens in the home can come from a number of sources. They can be caused by seasonal forms of pollen, grass, leaves and other plant life in your neighborhood. They can also be caused by an allergy to a pet, ingredient in a cleaning product, or even mold or mildew in damp rooms like the bathroom. If your home has mold, it can lead to respiratory infections, allergies, persistent coughs and in severe cases, even pneumonia. Removing all sources of mold from your home is one of the quickest ways to protect the lung health of every member of your family.

Remove any asbestos from your home
Asbestos is a chemical compound that can be found in the insulation, flooring, and tiling materials of most homes in the United States built before 1980. While it has incredible heat and flame resistant properties, it has a tendency to fracture when its particles are disturbed in construction, earthquakes, or over time as a house moves. When these microscopic asbestos fibers are disturbed, they become airborne and will become lodged in the lungs, stomach and heart of anyone who breathes or ingests them. This can lead to mesothelioma, an incurable cancer that leaves newly diagnosed patients an average life expectancy of less than two years. The only known way to prevent mesothelioma is to remove asbestos from your home, which can be done easily by an abatement professional.

There are many sources of air impurities that can make their way into our homes. However, with good care and precaution, our homes can be kept clean and safe for ourselves and all of our loved ones.

Healthy Lung Month is recognized every October as a time to raise awareness around the importance of proper lung function and preventative measures people can take to protect their lungs from illness and disease. Familiarize yourself with common air quality concerns and take this month to consult your physician about any dangers to your lung health. 

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