Oct 25, 2018

4 Things to Consider when Choosing a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a lot of fun and unmistakably a great addition to your home. There’s plenty of room for various activities ranging from casual relaxation after a hard day’s work to hydrotherapy and exercise. Invite your friends over and make a little hot tub party, or spend a nice, romantic evening with your partner.

As you can see, options are plenty, but so is the choice of hot tubs on the market and picking the right one is exciting, but can be confusing if you are new to the scene. We’ve reached out to guys at Aqua Paradise and they were kind enough to let us know what to be on a lookout for when buying the right one.
Aqua Paradise

Size matters

Before making any purchase, first, you need to ask yourself a few questions: how you will be using it, and what would the main purpose be? How many people at average will be spending time inside? There’s no point investing in something too expensive to upkeep with add-ons you are never going to use.

You should remember that hot tubs require regular maintenance, and the bigger the hot tub is, the more time and effort it requires. It’s not just that, hot tubs need a power source to warm, and whether the whole family is going to use it or maybe just your partner and you, you need to pick the size accordingly.

You should also consider picking the best materials, it is better to choose energy efficiency over luxury because you are going to save more money in the long run plus you’d be thinking green.

Are you comfortable?

Since hot tubs are made for relaxation, there’s no point stressing that comfort is crucial. Looks and size don’t really matter in this case if you are annoyed by the way seats are arranged or if jets are poking your kidneys everywhere you sit. That’s why any serious Jacuzzi store will let you try before you buy.

You should thoroughly test the tub when it’s filled with water, you and your friends and family should make yourself at home and try every angle, every seat and see how it feels. This is the proper way of telling if it actually fits your demands.

Pay attention to jets and their distribution, are they helping or annoying. More jets do not guarantee comfort.

How do you plan to use it?

Another thing you should consider is the main purpose of the spa. If you plan to use it for therapy or exercise, there are those designed just for that in terms of shape and jet functionality. There are spas that focus specifically on exercise and have a longer and more narrow shape designed for swimming in place.

You can also choose between in-ground and above-ground hot tub, and consider also using a built-in model with all of its add-ons included in the package, or maybe you’d like to get a skeleton tub and customize it to perfectly suit your needs.

Less is more

Before you go out and buy you should do a little research and see what is offered on the market, check all the prices and then balance between your desires and budget. You don’t really need to spend a fortune on gadgets which make the tub aesthetically luxurious.

If hydrotherapy and massage are your focus then you will do just fine with the basic model. Remember that you can always upgrade with almost any feature so you should not feel let down if you didn’t get some of the fancy add-ons which do elevate the whole experience, but are not necessary to enjoy a hot tub for what it is to its fullest.

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