Oct 4, 2018

Make Your Garage a Garden Oasis

Who says you have to restrict your interior designing creative streak to the indoors? There are umpteen options you can experiment with in terms of your outdoor, garden and outhouse settings. Today we will look into how you can turn your garage on its head and give it a complete garden makeover. You can particularly consider this option if the weather in your geography keeps changing and has an adverse effect on outdoor gardening. One of the significant benefits of converting your garage into a gardening oasis is that you can keep temperature and conditions in check and tweak as per your need. All you need is a well-lit and maintained growing area set up, and you are good to go. Let us look at some of the ways you can go about this process.

Concentrate on the lighting

If we consider the option of using natural light, you will need to align your plants in a way that they receive adequate light and are placed in the correct direction. Also, you will need to use reflectors or some reflector objects in the room post the study of how the light is bending and moving during the day until sundown. 

There is an option of using artificial lighting as well. To set up artificial lights, you will need low hanging to grow lights which suspend just slightly above the plants in the garage which give them the required light for the specified numbers of hours. To optimise on the cost of electricity consumption, you can leave them on at night time and maintain temperature and lighting during freezing weather conditions. Solar lamps also preserve heat and light in a low cost and eco-friendly manner.

Plastic sheeting technique

The basic functionality of plastic sheeting is to maintain a greenhouse effect and maintain heat and moisture within. This is especially required when the plants are in the seedling phase. After placing them in the soil, and watering them, they need to be kept at a certain temperature and humidity for them to germinate. Plastic also allows you to considerably reduce the requirement for additional artificial lighting for heat placement since the nature of plastic does that all on its own. In addition to this arrangement, you will need to install a fan for constant circulation of air in the garage enclosure.
Be mindful of the temperature

We have spoken about maintaining temperature for germination, for making sure plants don’t dry out during freezing weather conditions, circulating air so that an optimum temperature is maintained to ensure the proper and healthy growth of plants. But how do we know what temperature to maintain? How will you know what is the temperature of the garage at any point in the day? Easy – install a thermometer. A standard thermometer is available at most garden stores since it is an essential factor to keep in mind in outdoor and indoor gardening. Don’t go lenient on research when you do a garden indoors. Study the kind of conditions you need to account for basis the changing weather and tweak the indoor temperature accordingly. Be very careful of plants overheating, drying out or suffering from freezing root syndrome.

The best way to make your garage garden a raging success is to be well informed and more importantly be very meticulous and planned in your execution. After all its life your catering to, not just traditional furniture.

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Jon works for Acron Garage Doors Ltd - Garage Door Repairs Kent. Helping clients in complex situations is what he loves most about his job. If not working, Jon can be found behind any new romantic novel. He also loves to blog about his experiences & challenges he faces at work.

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