Oct 31, 2018

Roof protection – why it is crucial to inspect roofs regularly?

The climate is changing across the world and becoming more unpredictable with storms, hurricanes, and typhoons regularly causing widespread damages to buildings and other property. The roof of buildings has to bear the brunt of the onslaught of nature, and this is a very concerning aspect for homeowners who are at wit's end about how to protect the roof.  Since the roof is a significant investment, it is normal that you would like it to last it as long as possible. However, this might be a tough task due to the unpredictability of the climatic conditions.
To ensure that your home remains well protected from the storm, you can take some practical measures that should help to minimize damage to roofs.

Conduct regular roof inspection

Storms can damage roofs in many ways depending on the nature of roof material and its construction.  From small damages to extensive ones, anything can happen depending on the wind speed and the condition of the roof as well as the material of construction. Mighty wind can not only damage shingles, but some can also go missing.  Sometimes, missing nails or loosely fitting and faulty nails on rooftops make it prone to more damage. Rust on flashings can be quite harmful if neglected for long and worn or cracked boots around pipes and vents only increase the vulnerability of roofs.

Any weak spots on the roof can turn into a big problem in the event it has to withstand the fury of nature. Detecting the potential problems early helps to avoid aggravating damages for which you must conduct regular roof inspection by a roofing company Bloomington IN.

Identify pre-existing leaks

If leaks on roofs go undetected, storms can make things worse. It is crucial to detect leaks early by inspecting it periodically and fixing the problem immediately. If you find watermarks and stains at some places on the roof, it is a clear sign that there is some leakage nearby. Sometimes there might not be any signs of leakage, but you might still be suspicious about the vulnerability of certain spots. To be sure if there is any problem, you can simulate rainy conditions by spraying water on the roof with a garden hose and then see if it is leaking.

Keep the roof free from encroaching trees

Trees can be very damaging for roofs if it encroaches on it.  When the weather is bad and heavy winds blow across the roof, there are chances of heavy objects and airborne debris like tree branches and twigs falling on the roof and damaging the roof surface. While small branches might not be that damaging, the same is not true if a big branch or the entire uprooted tree falls upon the roof as it can be catastrophic.  To be on the safe side, if you have trees nearby that can affect your home, keep it trimmed well so that the chances of debris generated from it is minimal.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the roof helps to minimize damages and increase the roof life. 

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