Oct 12, 2018

Choosing a Right Work Desk That Meets All Your Needs

Your home office is a silent haven where you catch up on work, get organized and make plans. It works even more effectively when you introduce a desk that blends form and function to meet your needs, while looking great. With products and inspiration from Pottery Barn, it’s easy to find a piece with all the key features you need for day-to-day use that complements your existing decor. From space-efficient corner desks to elegant glass-topped styles and wall-mounted tables, the available designs and materials give you countless options for customizing your surroundings. Finding office furniture that’s a natural fit for your room is all part of the fun!

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If you mainly work with a desktop computer, consider choosing a design with enough space for the monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer, plus a compartment or shelf for the computer tower if necessary. Wiring holes and channels make it easier to connect your computer components safely and securely, and a pull-out keyboard shelf is a space-saving option that also enhances usability.

If you prepare a lot of paperwork, a desk with a large surface area is useful. The additional room lets you spread out papers or lay open a reference book. Consider storage solutions that make filing a breeze - a home office desk that incorporates a cabinet or bookshelves might be the ideal solution.


Different materials influence the appearance of a desk and help you express your personal style. For example, dark woods provide a vintage, timeless look, while metal and glass have a clean, modern vibe. Common material choices include:
·      Wood: A traditional, versatile choice that’s widely available in many colors and grain patterns, making it easy to find something suitable for your decor. Solid wood may be stained to show its natural grain pattern or painted for a crisp, clean finish.
·      Laminate: Pressure laminate on solid wood is a practical option available in many of the same styles and colors as real solid wood.
·      Glass: A glass-topped desk feels very modern. The transparency of the material opens the space and reflects light to make the room feel more spacious.
·      Metal: Choosing metal furniture gives your office an industrial appearance, and it pairs well with dark woods for a high-contrast modern style. Metal is durable and resistant to needing less maintenance than real wood, cup and scuffs.

Materials often determine the colour and design of a table; choosing materials that set with your workplace decor helps it be simpler to enjoy your time and effort in the area. For example, natural colors and natural real wood shades like pine or birch create a complicated, light office that’s conducive to calm contemplation. If you crave excitement and prefer to surround yourself with lively colors, something shiny and bold which makes a stunning comparison with your existing decoration - perhaps a mirrored table - is a superb option. Cup is modern and unobtrusive, learning to be a pleasant go with for an area that already has plenty of colors and patterns.
While your personality and decor determine the design of desk you eventually choose, be sure you think about ergonomic design and the various roles that you would like your desk to try out to guarantee the desk you get meets your preferences. The wide range of office at home furniture available can help you find something flawlessly customized to your space.

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