Oct 16, 2018

Top 5 Things That Attract Pests to Your Home

Every homeowner takes pride in their home to ensure that it is the best haven possible. They will spend oodles of time, money, and energy decorating, remodeling and landscaping to ensure that their home looks beautiful and inviting to family and friends.  If you love your space, you will do everything possible to keep unwanted pests from your home. Here are a few factors that could be attracting pests to your home.

Garbage storage

The smell of garbage is not a pleasant smell for any homeowner. However, for rats and mice, this is a great deal. When you store your garbage indoors for long periods of time, it will attract lots of unwanted pests such as flies, maggots, rodents, and ants. To prevent infestations of rodents and insects into your home, you should store your trash in properly sealed bags or containers and take them outside.


Insects, mice, rats love moisture. This is because they only need water for them to survive and also reproduce. Therefore, for you to keep pests at bay, you need to fix the leaking pipes and clear up any standing water or even spills. Any water in your home should be dealt with within the shortest time possible to prevent property damage and to discourage pests from thriving.

Cracks and gaps

Your home should be an impenetrable fortress. However, rodents are able to squeeze themselves even into the tightest spaces. Any openings around wires or pipes that lead into your house, roof vents, gaps under your garage doors, or cracks in any crawl spaces are all easy to access points for insects, mice, and rats. You can protect your home by ensuring that you seal any cracks on the walls and foundation of your home. You should also confirm that there are no gaps in the utility line, inspect vents, and the plumbing. For more information, check out atlasokla.com/pest-control-okc/.

Yard trimmings

Even if you have hundreds of things to handle, if you keep postponing your yard work, it will eventually come haunting you later on. Bushes, trigs, broken tree limbs, and grass clippings are perfect hiding spots for rodents to build nests and even reproduce. To avoid an infestation, you should remove yard trimmings within the shortest time possible. When you wait for a long period of time, then you may have to deal with pests later on.

Leftover foods

Leaving food lying around is one of the reasons for a recurrent pest problem. Rodents and insects will infest your home because you have a good supply of food. It is best that you dispose of all leftovers and ensure that your dining area and kitchen are always clean. This is important because even the small crumbs will attract pests within no time. Make sure that you store your dry food items including pet food in tightly sealed and secure containers.

Knowing the different ways that your home is attracting pests is usually the first step of preventing pest infestation. However, even with the best pest preventative measures, there is no guarantee that insects and rodents will not infiltrate your home. If you find pests in your home, make sure that you hire the best pest control specialists who will eradicate them and ensure that you have a pest-free property.

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