Oct 27, 2018

Living Room Addition Must-Haves

Your living room is a reflection of yourself as a person and the general makeup of your home. You can fill it with personal art or hobby projects next to photographs and souvenirs that you may have collected over the years. Here are some additions that can add a spark of life to your dull living room.

Versatile light sources

A living room should be as well-lit as possible if you want to give an opportunity for your interior design to shine. In the daytime, you should make sure that your living room receives enough natural light without the use of artificial light; this allows you to save on energy costs and gives a bright feeling to your room.

When it’s nearing night time, you can play around with multiple sources of light in making your living room pop out. Floor lights are luxury options but won’t be as effective as strategically-placed lamps throughout the room. Going the extra mile is having LED lights installed as backlights. Not only can they be connected to a dimmer, but they also come in different colour combinations that allow you to play around with the colours you’ll need for the room depending on the occasion.

Mounted shelves

Closets are great for bedrooms but not so much in living rooms. You could transform your shelves by mounting them on a wall to keep your books and valuables away from the floor; this allows you to have an easier time cleaning as you won’t have to move heavy furniture whenever you do a routine clean-up of your home. Installing a TV wall mount won’t just make it safer for children who visit your home, you can also make use of the extra space to move around your desks without fear of having valuable objects tipped over by accident.

Personal trinkets

Your items are what brings out the personality of your living room. Having photographs here and there and an artistic choice of paintings representative of your aesthetic are great ways to add a variety of colour to your room. Don’t forget about souvenirs or mementoes that you might be able to place on your shelf to combine different styles into the mix of your room’s uniform theme. Be careful about putting too many items though as it might look cluttered instead of organised. The same as going on a date, you shouldn’t share too much about yourself right away for fear of giving your guests a case of information overload.

Dressing the coffee table

No living room can be complete without the inclusion of a coffee table. Some people undermine the importance of a coffee table, but it’s just as much the centrepiece of a living room as a bed is to your bedroom. Think of your home an office where your living room is the reception area. Besides looking at your interior and your room’s items, the lounge is where your guests, like clients and business partners in an office, will wait.

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