Oct 15, 2018

Tips to Choose the Best Salt and Pepper Granite

Nowadays many house owners are installing granites countertops in their houses to make their houses look much more attractive. Granite countertops give a nice appearance to the house and are very durable and long lasting. That is why granites are getting a lot of attention and their popularity is increasing day by day. There are different types of granite and one of them is salt and pepper granite. salt and pepper granites are widely produced all over the world and are used in large numbers. They are used in outdoor pools and alfresco. There are certain tips that one should consider while choosing the right kind of salt and pepper granites. 
Following Are the Tips to Remember While Choosing Salt and Pepper Granite: 
·         Researching is the Best Option: The first and foremost task is to look for the best quality salt and pepper granites that can fit the budget as well. There are thousands of shops who claim to have the best quality products at a genuine price, but it is the duty of the house owner to do a proper survey on that and then select the product. There is a grading system to distinguish between the quality and price of the granite. The grading is basically done from grade A to F. Higher the grading, better the quality and higher the price. Some shops sell C grade granite at a particular price and some other shop sells D grade granite at the same price. So, it is the task of the house owner to do negotiations with the granite shop owners and then come up to a decision.
·         Never Trust Pictures Blindly: Here is where the granite shop owners try to make a fool out of the people. Their brochures show very interesting and attractive patterns and shades with a depth of brightness, but most of the time they do not turn out as expected. Therefore, it is always advisable to go straight to the stores and look the granites closely and minutely. This helps in proper inspection and selection of the best quality and kind of salt and pepper granites.

·         Look for Holes and Cracks: The purpose of the minute inspection is to check the quality of the product and to check whether it has got any sort of cracks or not. salt and pepper granite countertops having hairline cracks indicate that the stone is quite weak and not at all suitable for usage rather it can break at the time of installation. The person can also run his hands over the stone to check the possibility of holes. Almost every stone has a few pits or holes in them. Lower the number of pits, higher the quality of the granite. Therefore, the person should always be sure about the quality of the granite and then go for the purchasing.
·         The Thickness of The Granite: The person should also be well aware of the thickness of the granite. Thicker the granite the more expensive it becomes and more durable it is. salt and pepper granites are mainly used in pools so much tougher and thicker granites with fewer holes are always preferred to make it durable and long lasting. 

Granites are a boon to this modern world and one of the most widely used granite is the stone and pepper granite. People get easily impressed by its color, shades, and pattern and therefore it is so popular. The house owners should always keep the discussed points in mind while choosing the best type of salt and pepper granite. He should check the thickness and the quality of the product by himself and then do the final purchasing.

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