Oct 23, 2018

How to Choose the Right Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can help to add a dash of color and warmth to your space. Throw pillows can add color to a wing back chair or soften the appearance of your leather sofas. Changing your throw pillows is a simple and inexpensive way of changing the entire design scheme of your room. You can opt to buy new ones or just cover the ones you have using new slipcovers and throw them on your sofa or the chaise lounge in your bedroom. Here are tips for choosing the right throw pillows.

You should choose pillow colors based on the fabric, artwork, or the accents in your space. You should determine a common accent color that will match the existing paint or wallpapers in your home. You can use a swatch to compare a variety of colors that will blend perfectly with your furniture and existing décor. When it comes to pillows, they do not have to be a perfect match. You can add pillows with color variations to add interest and natural contrast to your home.

When choosing throw pillows, you should choose various textiles and textures so that you can get a rich but subtle mix. You can choose fabric such as smooth silks and plush velvets. You can mix and match the pillows by getting pair stripes, plain colors, or combining floral and solid designs. Keep in mind that different fabrics and designs will accentuate your space uniquely.

Chic Home Life throw pillows are an excellent way of adding a touch of specific patterns to your room or space. It is a good idea, especially if you already have a new pattern that you love or you want to add a new pattern. When you are experimenting with patterns, you should never be afraid to try something bold. A patterned throw pillow on a solid sofa fabric can be quite beautiful as long as the colors you choose are complementary. However, you should avoid excessive patterns because they will make your space appear messy and too busy.    

Throw pillows come in a wide range of shapes including square, rectangle, box, round, and bolster. Square throw pillows are usually the most common and they are incredibly versatile and will look beautiful on any chair, sofa, or bed. Rectangular throw pillows are best placed leaning on the chair back and look perfect when centered on beds or sofa. Bolsters are long, round pillows that are set at the end of the sofa to act as armrests.

Throw pillows come in a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of different spaces and preferences. Standard throw pillows usually measure 18 inches by 18 inches. You can add a contrasting size to a group of pillows as a point of interest. Large size pillows can help to make a bold statement in your space. You can go for an additional character by choosing throw pillows that have trim, tassels, or fringes. 

Throw pillows are the perfect accessory for your space. They can add comfort, warmth, color, and pattern to your space in an instant. Furthermore, they can easily be switched if you wish to change your existing décor. Throw pillows are perfect for homeowners who are looking for a quick change or want to test out a pattern or color without making a major commitment. The above-mentioned tips will help you choose the right throw pillows for your living space. 

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