Oct 8, 2018

Kitchen Must-Haves for Every Aspiring Home Cook

Cooking a delicious meal requires skills and experience. It also requires having the right set of cooking equipment. If you want to level up your culinary game, there are a few things you will need. Here are some of the kitchen add-ons that every aspiring professional chef should invest in.

Add in a kitchen countertop

Every house needs a well-structured kitchen countertop. It provides you with all the working space you need to prepare a hearty meal for your family. Worktops come in all shapes, colours and sizes. You can choose from marble, quartz, granite and other types of material.

You can also go to a website to ask for a price estimate. You need to provide the measurements of your planned worktop so that the supplier can provide a detailed quotation.

Three kitchen knives

You don’t need to buy a whole set of knives to become the best home cook. Experts suggest starting with only three types of knives – serrated bread knife, paring knife, and chef’s knife. These three knives are enough to cut all sorts of ingredients. If you have enough budget, you should invest in forged knives because they are more durable as compared to stamped knives.

Don’t forget the knife sharpener

Your knives will eventually dull, especially if you slice and dice ingredients on a daily basis. You need to have a knife sharpener in your kitchen. Professionals mostly use a whetstone to keep the edges sharp. If you’re not familiar with using a whetstone, you can always buy a sharpening tool instead.

Buy the right type of pans

Newbie’s in cooking should have a non-stick. A non-stick pan is essential because it lets you cook food without a lot of oil. Furthermore, food particles don't stick on the surface of the pan. There are two types of non-stick pans, and they are categorised depending on the coating used. Choose one that's made from cast iron because it's durable, and it's perfect for caramelising meat and veggies.

Purchase the necessary utensils

If you're just starting out, you might only need a few cooking pots and utensils. Some of the essential utensils you need to have include a rubber spatula, whisk, ladle, and a wooden spoon. As for the cooking pots, you should choose according to the dishes you usually prepare.

Invest in kitchen appliances

You should also set aside money for kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves, food processors and blenders. Some dishes call for pulverised or blended ingredients. Also, by having the necessary cooking appliances, you can prepare your dishes faster and easier.

Kitchen tools, equipment and fixtures can cost a lot of money. However, if you aspire to polish your cooking knowledge and skills, you will surely need to have access to at least the basic cooking utensils and appliances.

What are your favourite kitchen tools and equipment, and how do you use them when you prepare your favourite meals? Don’t be afraid to start your culinary training once you have access to the fundamental cooking tools.

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