Oct 1, 2018

The Top Four Advantages of a Wooden Fence for Your Property

The right fencing for your property can benefit you in many ways – it can protect your property and all that is within it (which includes your family and your physical assets), and it can also make your property look better and more appealing. But whilst you may now have a lot of options with regards to fencing, including iron fencing, vinyl fencing, and even chain link fencing, wooden fencing can still be one of the best fencing options you can choose.

Wooden fences have existed for centuries, and many homeowners swear by the look of their wooden fences, which add to the overall character and personality of their property. Another reason why wooden fencing is popular is the fact that you can have it cut according to the size and height you would like, and you can also paint it in different colours (or you can go the classic route, and have it varnished, so its natural grains stand out). If you're still wondering what wooden fencing can do for your property, here are the top four advantages of a wooden fence.

1.   It gives you value for your money

Wooden fencing gives you proper value for your money – in other words, it's an investment. Although it may be a bit more expensive than other types of fencing just because you may have to stain or varnish it, the value it can bring to your property is immense. The thing is that there are other, more expensive fencing options out there, such as wrought iron, but wood gives you a good investment because it lasts longer. Also, if there are issues with the fence or it might need repair or a replacement of components, it’s easier and less expensive to do it compared to fences such as wrought iron.

2.   It’s strong and durable

If you want a fence which you can use for your property for a long time, then a wooden fence fits the criteria. The fact of the matter is, wood can last for decades as long as it is well-maintained, especially if it is installed by professionals in wooden fences and sheds in Cirencester like AB Fencing.

3.   It’s versatile

A lot of homeowners who have opted for wooden fencing can also attest to the fact that wooden fences are versatile. In other words, you can paint your wooden fencing according to any colour, pattern, or shade you want, and this makes it easy for you to match your wooden fence to your property’s other features, such as the colour of its façade or its architectural details.

4.   It adds value

A home with a wooden fence inherently has a lot of kerb appeal – it looks charming and elegant at the same time. But not only does a wooden fence enhance the kerb appeal of your property - but it can also enhance its value. Home buyers always appreciate the appeal and familiarity of a wooden fence, and any real estate agent can mention your wooden fencing (aside from other great home features) to promote and market your property. A wooden fence will undoubtedly set your home apart from other homes in the area which do not have wooden fencing.

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